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Your calling will find you - relax


Your calling will find you. Relax, breathe. Do the work. Focus on making space to receive new opportunities. Take care of this space as if your new life depends on it ... because it does.

This is a conversation I had with a client this week who was frustrated that he still hadn't nailed his real future. My client wanted to contribute and have the career be meaningful.

If this is you too, I would like to offer the same advice. Re-read paragraph 1. The what isn't as important as your motivation (the why) and for whom. Before you even get there, you have to empty out the old thinking, patterns, actions. You have to be brave and make space for the new.

This is the work of becoming more present to you in your life and when you are, your calling will find you.

If you missed the exercise from Make your mission your business workshop, you can find the link, Your Divine Contract below.

For this week's Practical Mindfulness - Learn from others, you will find 2 videos with mindful questions. This will help loosen off the frustration for more inspiration. I know you are up for it.

Enjoy x Anna



Listen to each video with pen and paper and engage in the questions below. Listening is a form of healing. When you give yourself time, you are stating your worth. Engaging in the process and writing locks in your awareness and refreshes your mind to accept new thought and possibilities.

A Man's View with Rusty

Q 1.What was the first thing Rusty had to do to be responsible for his world? Q 2. Rusty gave two keys for his growth, what were they? Q 3. What is one message you can take away from this video for you.

The Big Why with Becs

Q 1. How did Becs evaluate her big why and vision? Q 2. How is Becs choosing to activate her vision? Q 3. What is one message you can take away from this video for you.




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