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What to shift when you pretend 'everything is fine'.

Today, I am opening a conversation on the vital importance of having a plan for your inner well-being. I hope you take this message into your heart, as it relates to enhancing your sense of self-worth and capacity to achieve. Having a conscious inner wellness plan can spare you numerous sleepless nights spent worrying about how to keep it altogether, especially considering it's only February.

Inner Wellness is Your Life-force

Inner wellness serves as the life force for a curious mind, a healthy body, a light-hearted spirit, and the ability to accomplish tasks. When this vital energy is absent from your being, meeting daily obligations becomes challenging, and you lose sight of the incredible woman you are. With a practical and lovable plan, coupled with decisive action, you no longer pretend that 'everything is fine.' You are moving towards fearlessness.


Amanda shows the way.

I am sharing the success story of an amazing woman, a solopreneur, a mother of two active boys under 7, and someone deeply feeling as if she was failing. On a warm summer day, Amanda sat in my office and cried. She could no longer hold it together and pretend everything was fine. Worries about the boys, her business, and her marriage consumed her thoughts.

Even in this state, Amanda was willing to do whatever it would take to be confident and fulfilled in her business and present in her relationships. Notice the juxtaposition Amanda found herself in. On one hand, she was exhausted, and on the other, using all her will to shift.


Plan to Honour Yourself. 

We made a plan that prioritized critical self-care first and foremost. This was entirely new for Amanda, who just wanted tools, goals, and action. Truth be told, she had done all that and pushed herself to succeed in the past. Yet, here she was back in a place of exhaustion. What was missing?


Self Care. Women who are gentle and ambitious need an inner plan for well-being. 

Own your Pathway to Inner Wellness.

Even though Amanda was struggling, she knew her best chance of healing was to 'not go alone.' To succeed, she needed everything in one place on the same day, every week. Her plan included bodywork to rebalance and her powerful growth mentorship. *Breathwork, Bowen, reiki, massage all accelerate the healing process.


Personal Growth for Your Nature.  

Over time, as Amanda's body began to relax, she had more 'space' to unlearn old behaviours and relearn empowering behaviours Her inner well-being plan included mindfully reframing her self-talk, empowering her communication with others, and learning personal boundaries. As Amanda started thinking creatively to build a better future, she was also crafting her own success playbook.


Celebrate every shift, big or small.

Change becomes transformation as you witness your shifts. In the beginning, it's impossible to know the woman you will become. Therefore, sharing with like-minded people who will cheer you on is powerful and loving. Amanda celebrated her success by recording the journey along the way. Watch Amanda's celebration here (and by all means, high-five, cheer her on).


I hope this has inspired you today to pursue your success with a nurturing inner plan. Achieving the best version of yourself requires both outer and inner growth. If you're curious about creating a genuine plan for success without pretending everything is fine, reach out and, Book a free Discovery Call with me  here.

More for you next week,

Anna Maree.

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Anna Schaumkel is the founder and lead Mentor with , leading gentle, ambitious women to activate their talents and dreams to become leaders, as solopreneurs, coaches and creatives.

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