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I am a Personal Growth Mentor working with ambitious, sensitive women who feel stuck and unhappy. They know in their hearts that there is something more for them. They feel lost about what that is, and more so, these amazing women are challenged with believing in themselves.


I help them to bring that something into the foreground and gain super clarity on their value so that they have the confidence to be heard and seen in the world. I believe when this happens, women become the strongest voice in their life and are naturally inspired to support other women to have this too. 

You can find me working with my clients with The Decisive Woman and Goddess Programs and tailored Awareness Courses. It's all done in a series of practical, step by step conversations.

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Personal  Mentoring

Anna helps clients one on one to reshape their life with more depth, meaning, peace, clarity, self-love and life fulfilment. 

Discovery Strategy Session

This is a one on one session for you to express what you are looking for and discover valuable insights and options to move forward.  

Short Courses Practical -Mindful

Anna presents workshops in Australia and New Zealand and walks women out of their self-limiting story towards ownership of their strength, power and femininity.


Being a woman of substance. These amazing retreats are held in beautiful locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. 


Before working with Anna and the Enhances Awareness process, I was stuck. I had come through a separation after 25 years of marriage. I was blind-swiped by the separation. I felt I was about to loose the family I had been with with 25 years, I wouldn’t survive financially and never find another partner. My self-worth was zero. I didn’t know how to change and how I could possibly get what I wanted.

Working with the wonderful Anna and this work has given me the confidence to explore myself, my life, how I got to where I was and why and how to set myself free from the past. With this understanding, I could move in a direction that was more the me now, being purposeful and adopting values into my life that represented what I believed. This gave me the momentum with awareness to create new opportunities. Anna gently guided me into awareness and helped me to create a new me, all with nurturing, encouragement and love. I am forever grateful for Anna’s acknowledgment of my fragility and her mentorship.

 - Sara, Teach Sustainability.



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Anna is the founding member and a senior accredited mentor of EAP (Enhances Awareness Program) the transformative one-on-one mentoring program, Anna has positively inspired people in their relationships, their health and well-being, soul-purpose, career choices, peace and happiness.  

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