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You're a phenomenal woman,
ready for the support to fully express your true self and shine.  

You can create a divine lifestyle that honours your ambitions without sacrificing your freedom. 
You can be feminine and in action. You can dare to bring your dreams into reality. You, phenomenal woman are ready to gently make a positive impact in your corner of the world.



Hello I'm Anna

Welcome to Goddess Bold Life Growth Community

More often than not, women today are ready to expand their life experience and be more. They want to overcome self-doubt and fear. There is a desire to explore and seek out fulfilment, creative endeavours and purpose. With the Goddess programs, we show you how to overcome your limiting beliefs with awareness. You learn how to experience life on your terms while being encouraged to explore your big ideas and bring them into reality. We normalize feeling different, knowing it is this quality that cultivates your unique brilliance. As a woman finds her strong voice to communicate clearly into her world, incredible things happen. She leans into being a force for good and leading from the heart, plays a much bigger role in contribution. This is how we transform the world with love. 

I look forward to meeting you soon. Anna


Choose your life with wisdom and clarity.

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Private Mentorship

Anna helps clients one on one to reshape their life with more depth, meaning, peace, clarity, self-love and life fulfilment. 

Discovery Conversation

Complimentary for you to discover if we can help meet your needs for personal growth. Take home tools to implement.

Goddess Club
Advance together

Be with women who get you, support and champion your vision and dreams. The power of light-minded, heart-centered community has you flourish.


For women to advance their feminine awareness as a leader. These amazing retreats are held in beautiful locations throughout Australia and New Zealand. 


Best investment I ever made. I have no doubt the skills, knowledge and resources I have gained are creating my future that I never dared to believe was possible. I highly recommend this work to everyone who is feeling stuck or seeking more purpose. 

Sandra, Documentary Story Teller, New Zealand



No upcoming events at the moment



 +64 273 718 871

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We guide and mentor gentle-natured women with big ideas and out-of-the-norm ambitions. We normalize feeling different. In fact, we believe it is our differences, how we think and how we create that has the capacity to connect us for the betterment of all. It is our passion and our mission to bring our full selves and transform the world with love. 

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