"This course is very unique and gave me tools to change old patterns for the better. "


Being a woman of substance - self

The GODDESS program allowed me to view myself in a very safe and supportive process. I was able to examine how I looked at my world and participated in it. Through this clear and structures program I was able to discover how deep seated beliefs were holding me back from exploring the world I had envisioned for myself from adolescence. At times the process was frustrating but vital for understand my beliefs as a woman, which ones supported me now and what didn't. Courageously and gently I was able to establish a new vision for me.

With GODDESS I have been able to navigate the passing of my mother during COVID19, and with my heart open to all that was going on during this time. I was able to ask for what I needed, be there for others fully. Most of all, I cherished the time and honoured the essence of who my mother had been. 

I am very thankful for Anna's safe and supportive guidance throughout this journey.

I can deal with conflict easier and tactfully (where previously I would panic internally). My body and mind are more relaxed. I experience having more time for enjoying life's pleasures. I AM AUTHENTICALLY ME. 

Jacqueline, Facilitator.

I love working with Anna in EAP and now GODDESS, rising strong and flourishing as a woman. Anna is very intuitive and on the ball and is a great listener. I found the GODDESS has a way of taking you into yourself and see how you tick. I learnt about myself as a woman and how to trust in the skill of divine intelligence. Unlike other personal development programs, I found that GODDESS gave me more space as if it is tailored just for me. I have more appreciation for being a woman now. My fire energy has value and gives me momentum. Both these aspects allow me to step up and be seen in the world.


I am no longer daunted by my vision to serve. Goddess has taught me that my feminine beauty is strength, the understanding to keep moving forward and that I am totally deserving to express myself in my own way. 

Lyn, Solopreneur. 

Before working with Anna and the Enhances Awareness process, I was stuck. I had come through a separation after 25 years of marriage. I was blind-swiped by the separation. I felt I was about to loose the family I had been with 25 years, I wouldn’t survive financially and never find another partner. My self-worth was zero.

I didn’t know how to change and how I could possibly get what I wanted.


Working with Anna has given me the confidence to explore myself, how I got to where I was and why and how to set myself free from the past. With this understanding, I could move in a direction that was more the me now, being purposeful and adopting values into my life that represented what I believed. I am forever grateful for Anna’s acknowledgment of my fragility and her mentorship.
Sara, Teacher Sustainability.

Before I worked with Anna, I was frozen in my communication style and I was unable to tell people how I felt or express what I needed to say to them. I was challenged with any form of confrontation. During the Enhances Awareness program, I gained clarity about how to identify truth and how to express what I needed with confidence. There has been big changes in how I make my decisions based on what I value. I now engage in life from a broader perspective and laugh more. I know exactly how to nurture and maintain healthy relationships in all aspects of my life.

Tasha, Director, Commercial Business.

Anna’s compassionate guidance combined with the Enhances Awareness Program has given me a who new level of awareness in my life. I have clarity and ease in communication with others on a personal and professional level. I have a greater understanding of my needs and the ability to re-create balance when life gets busy. Anna is amazing, fearless, caring and dynamic mentor. She didn’t let me gloss over the tricky bits which turned out to be the most important. I am so grateful for this experience.

Tania, Management, Compassionate Health.


I was working through a transitional phrase in my professional life and chose to work with Anna one on one to support this process. Anna is a compassionate visionary who holds you in the 'palm of her hand' while you discover who you are and where you are going. I had my own best answers and I needed encouragement to see into my brave heart and to take to action. Compassion, permission and support to change my long held beliefs, without judgement, is a rare skill to find in anyone.

Anna is a 'rare find'.

Eleanor, Global Thought Leader, Compassionate Health.

I came to do Anna's Enhances Awareness Program at a time when I was starting out in a new business. There was a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety going on and I was very uncertain about my future. I started the program because I wanted to get rid of the stress and anxiety that I had been carrying around with me all my life. And it seemed to me as a guy, I work mostly from my head and not from my heart. The exercises I went through with Anna are like nothing out there, this Enhances Awareness helped me identify  really going back to my upbringing and unlearning a lot of stuff that I had programmed myself.


Now I really understand sometimes it is smarter to work on unlearning and Anna really got me to confront myself. I find this really challenging. Fast forward six months and I now have 12 clients each paying me $40,000 each and to put this into prospective, I had zero when I started this program. I really feel for the first time in my life at peace and I feel that I have this opportunity to operate from my heart and this is a life-changing experience.


If anyone is thinking about working with Anna and doing her Enhances Awareness Program, just do it. Apart from the results in my business, its equally about my relationships. My partner who I am about to get married to can't understand the changes I've experienced and she just says wow, do more of it. If you are thinking about it, just do it, your life will change. 

Andrew, Business Mentor, Speaker. 

I had developed a way of thinking, in particular in stressful situations which were not serving me. In fact, I was disempowered and blocked from performing at my full potential, both in my personal life and in my professional life which I saw as two different things. At times the work was challenging especially unfolding the elements of my story. Anna is very compassionate and supportive.  Now I am living a much happier, very real version of myself and pursuing endeavors that are very different from where I was heading before I participated in The Enhances Awareness Program. I see the same people and engage in the same situations through a very different lens and miracles are indeed unfolding in my life. 

I would say to someone considering this work with Anna as your Mentor to do it! You will never be the same again. You will see so many more opportunities, so much more laughter, beauty and love in places you have already looked in and places you are yet to explore. 

Heidi, Transformation Strategist.

I was in the midst of a lot of confusion around my life during this time and the decision to have Anna as my Mentor has been life changing. From the first conversation I had with Anna, I felt she was someone I could talk to and above all else, I could trust.

Anna is very intuitive and on point, I really like this about her. I responded well to her style of mentoring where I felt supported and nurtured throughout my Enhances Awareness journey. Another aspect of Anna's mentoring is she is an excellent listener, which takes a lot of skill and patience on her part. 


As Anna guided me through the Enhances Awareness process, I discovered a lot about myself. I am still amazed at some of the insights we uncovered during this process. I am very grateful to have had Anna for my Mentor and would highly recommend her. Be ready for an amazing journey of self discovery, a journey of coming home. 

Lyn, World Artist.

Anna and the awareness program helped me reconnect with who I really am and to live my life day to day with more clarity.  I've done a lot of personal development but there was still something I felt was missing. Anna’s combination of professionalism, wisdom and warmth helped me see how I was holding myself back from making my life, my work and my relationships extraordinary.


I now experience a more quality, love and connection in my relationships (especially with my partner), I take care of my well-being.

I have an overall enjoyment for my life.

Joanne, Journalist.


I met Anna at a time of my life when I had lost my vision and ability to see where next to place my feet.  The path had become covered in weeds of disappointment and low self-esteem. On the outside I behaved like a respectable well dressed woman working as a PA for a lawyer. I have a loving partner, children and grandchildren but I had forgotten who I was. Anna guided me back to my truth and away from my fearful condemning stories. Many times, Anna would have to remind me that I was back in my old narrative and I became more aware of seeing this for myself. 


Anna helped me to see that change came from seeing myself through the eyes of love and choice. When I change, life and relationships respond in kind. When I forgive, forgiveness flows in my relationships. I am now operating from my moral compass. I have tools to navigate my way through life’s joys and challenges. I am no longer restricted by the past. I pursue my passions. I thank God for giving me Anna to be a light-house when I needed it most.

Robbie, Writer.


Before I did this work with Anna, I felt like I was stuck - trapped almost, in my life of helping others. I felt like I had lost myself somewhere on the way. It was helpful to begin teasing apart what was ‘my story’ and what was ‘me’ – gaining clarity of how I was keeping myself stuck in the story. Although the reality of things in my day to day life did not change, my perception did. I began to allow myself to have more space, and I chose to spend my time, ensuring all my inner needs were being met – allowed me to feel more wholehearted, empowered and loving.


This program seems very simple – but incredibly profound in its magic. It has provided me with a very strong balanced approached to holistic self care – a framework I can use for the rest of my life.
Anneke. Wellness Mentor.


I really didn’t know what to expect when I met Anna but quickly could see where I was balanced and out of balance in my life. The two sessions painted my life, what worked and what didn’t work. I continued to work with Anna and EAP over 12 months. Now, I have clarity, believe in myself and follow what I know is right to do regardless of what others want me to do. I don’t have to make people happy to have them love me. This has lifted a big weight off my shoulders. I make my decisions based on my truth.

I can finally be me and that in itself is priceless.

Kym, Manager, Commercial Property.


I had come through a very challenging period, I was exhausted and sensitive which led to being very reactionary.  My awareness was insightful enough to recognise that my life was not in flow, my inner compass not set to true north and life appeared in-congruent. The enhances awareness process gave me the opportunity to see where I have been, where I was going and what I needed to do to stay there.

I feel very blessed to have worked with Anna by my side. Anna is a fantastic coach that caused me to think from many different angles and allowed me to dialogue and process my insights and continue to expand my awareness. Now, I have deliberate focus again and have a much greater understanding of my drivers. I take a much gentler approach how I drive my life forward. I have a greater respect for myself.

Kath, Entrepreneur Training and Development.

Having a physical injury following close on bereavement left me with a huge amount of life change to adjust to. That confronted me with all my vulnerabilities and resulted in some distressing conflict with close people.  Anna had been a client of mine for many years, and I knew that I was in good hands with her mentorship. Participating in the Enhances Awareness Program gave me the most precious gift of a crucible within which to explore the real me without censorship and without pressure.


There were times that I found the work challenging. Anna is patient and also has the ability of strengthening your frame.  It has been worth it. Now I am now happier in my own skin and I am quick to recognise when I move out of my truth. I speak up for myself without feeling apologetic that I should do more. I communicate about my physical limitations without a sense of weakness. I feel good about managing my boundaries without feeling a lesser person for doing less. My enjoyment of life, quality of relationships, engagement in life have all improved with this program.  

Cathy, Educator, Alternative Health.


I came to see Anna because I knew I was stuck in my old patterns which were affecting my overall health. I had done a lot of self development but the same issues kept appearing. I  lacked clarity about what was truly important in my life. During the enhances awareness process, I was able to redefine my values and easily make supportive choices. I am no longer stuck in my old ways. I can let go of the drama of others.


I am more peaceful and trust myself more. I can feel happiness now. I feel lighter, happier at home and more connected with others and me. I can let go of the expectations and judgment from others and be more accepting of myself. 
Natalie, Director. Events network.

I was just talking to a friend tonight about my time spent with Anna doing the EAP in 2013 (six years ago), and I mentioned that it was the best program I’ve done in my life. Anna is incredible in the sense she just “gets” you, and is also so warm and nurturing to work with. The tools I have from my time working with her have levelled my life up in a way I couldn’t have done alone

 Zoe, Creative Business.

The Enhances Awareness Process is like turning up the light in a dark room so that I could see in the corners of my life, and often things I wasn’t even aware were causing limitations. It has made a positive impact on how I engage in my business and personal relationships as I am more aware of myself and others. Unlike my work, the Enhances Awareness Program focuses on the awareness of your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. The value has been significant and I will be adopting more of this in the future with my work as Business Advisor and Mentor.

Warrick, Mentorship-Business.


I was referred to Anna by my Business Coach. After meeting with Anna, I decided the (EAP) mentoring program could benefit me on a personal level. It was very different from anything I had done before and caused me to think very differently about myself and life. Anna helped me get specific about the root cause that kept presenting as drama and confusion in my life. Once I identified the root cause, I was able to be specific in a plan of action. My mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being have been enhanced with focus and attention towards my true priorities. My relationships are more defined, rich and I have clarity in whats truly important for me personally and professionally.

Benjamin, Director.


The consultation I had with Anna was outstanding. With her knowledge and her innate intuition, she brought a clarity and confirmation to my understanding of my direction. Anna’s skill allowed me to recognise where my greatest challenge was and how to find the balance for a more fulfilling life.

I will be eternally grateful to Anna for her wisdom and understanding.
Beatrice, Author.

I participated in the Pathway To Mindfulness  one on one mentoring course. Anna provides a very safe, confidential and caring space to guide you through a process of learning your own story and the importance of awareness and mindfulness. I would say to someone considering this course - You must! You will learn so much about yourself and gain a deeper understanding of why you think what you think and do what you do. 

Tracy, Manager.

When Anna introduced me to the EAP, I had no idea what kind of impact it would have on my life. There was no specific area of my life that I felt needed attention. I was curious and like to maintain personal development. However as I started going through the program, I became aware of how often I allowed the stresses of day to day life rob me of my inner joy and peace. It is not always easy going through something like this program, at times it was vulnerable and confronting. This is why having Anna mentor me through the program was a major part of the journey for me. Anna has an amazing understanding of and for people, and she is in no hurry as she walks you through the program and very much trusts the process. She believes in people until they can believes in people until they are able to believe and trust in themselves.

A few changes I have seen in my life since starting this program have been - my ability to respond to challenging situations and cope with stress, a deeper understanding of myself (my needs, values, fears) and an ability to understand my emotions and therefore choose responses instead of simply reacting. I see my life through different eyes now - I feel empowered, and I believe I can make a difference to others and in my world. 

I would recommend the EAP, especially with Anna as a Mentor to anyone who wants to experience personal growth, get to know themselves better, and explore the depths of their heart to find that they have intrinsic value and can change their world simply by being who they are.

Pia, Business Owner. 

"I heard about the Enhances Awareness Program and decided to find out more. After meeting Anna, I decided to do it. EAP is an intelligent and thoughtfully structured. It still challenges me, especially coming to terms with my story (narrative) that had impacted my life for years. Being an active 70 year old woman, I was ready to do something about it.  


I see myself beginning to handle situations differently. I am feeling so peaceful, loved, and just happy in general. I am on top of my life and this is so different from anything I have experienced before which has me believe it will be sustained. I am loving this program, its just so good for me and those around me. I tell everyone I have a Mentor, it is one of the best things I could have done at this time in my life.Anna has become a dear friend. I am always happy to share that it is never to late to learn something new. " 

Isabel, Retiree

I had reached a point in my life where I could no keep living with anxiety, worry and destructive behaviours. I was lucky to participate in the Pathway To Mindfulness course with Anna as my Mentor.  I found the 10 week course welcoming and deeply comforting for healing without having to dive deep into the past traumas or challenges. The material is set at the perfect pace to gain an understanding of the work at hand, which I found very well structured, insightful and thought provoking. 

From doing this course, I have a deeper connection and understanding of myself. I understand my unique story and held it has held me back and gifted me some great skills. I experience a strong base of wisdom on awareness and mindfulness which I am thoroughly enjoy embracing. There is more freedom in my mind and less worry. I really like the new techniques of mindfulness to help me walk successfully through life. 

Anna deserves her own book of gratitude for what she has gifted to me during this course. What a goddess! Anna is always so cool, calm and collected and very present. I always felt safe to share and have discussions, some of which was of a sensitive nature. This was always met with Anna's authentic listening, refreshing feedback and non-judgmental support. A true friend has been made and I will always treasure Anna for helping me to open my eyes to what I have been trying to find all along. 

I would say to anyone considering this course to do it! I m so happy I decided to do The Pathway to Mindfulness course. A truly wonderful, enlightening experience to face your fears, learn to act and respond in the most self-loving way and gain a deeper connection and understanding of yourself, others and the world around you. 

Carmela, Women's Health and Wellness

Being a woman of substance - group

 I was feeling tired and rundown. I was searching for some life direction and life time purpose.  I actually said to Anna on my arrival that I didn’t want to go the my grave with the legacy of just working a job.  During the Aware Business Professional 2 - day immersion, I found that my work and personal life values were out of kilter. 

I discovered the lifelong story that has been holding me back. Anna is just brilliant at understanding ones story and her ability to articulate exactly what I was trying to express is phenomenal.


I highly recommend this course to anyone that is feeling burnt out; constantly rushing between work and and home.  This course is something unique in discovering your own mindset and providing you with the practical and tailor made tools to change/upgrade ones mindset and more importantly finding fulfilment and purpose in your life. I haven’t come across anything like it in my years of personal development discovery.  It is very synced and thorough, but more importantly you come out of it with personable actionable tools that will lovingly change ones old belief and mindset patterns for the better.

Michelle, Commercial Business.


I was already committed to a high level business coaching program when I considered attending The Aware Business Professional 2 - Day Intensive. Any investment in time needs a return and I wanted assurance that it would be of value for me. Anna was very direct that this workshop offered a different prospective and would enhance my development. She was right. The content and delivery was precisely what I am requiring at this time as I have been navigating the total change of everything that was familiar in my life and in my career. Anna’s gentle guidance through each step of this process really resonated with me. I look forward to integrating all I have learnt more fully. I now realise all I am equipped to create. 

Sally, Founder, Lifestyle Design.

The ‘Evolving Your Consciousness’ short course with Anna has above anything else, reminded me of the importance of touching base with my emotional needs more often, and in a more purposeful manner. In doing these exercises I have reinforced and reflected on what values are currently most important in my life and can therefore live more ‘true to myself’. This brings me greater peace. It is too easy to listen to that inner voice which is sometimes based on past negative experiences or old ideas, instead of simply living in the now and listening to your heart, and how you feel about a situation – not how you ‘think’ you should feel.


Anna has a trusting, professional and charismatic nature which made me feel comfortable to share personal topics and take on board her experienced, relevant and insightful advice. I also found Anna’s high level of communication and follow-up emails extremely professional and reassuring. I am so grateful for the happiness in my life and Anna encouraged me to keep creating more of this on my journey of self-awareness.

Samantha, Director, Marketing.


The Pathway To Mindfulness Workshop is an awakening experience with thorough content that is thought provoking and revealing. It helps to strip layers away and exposes the essence of who you are. Anna provides a space for you to enable to be free to learn about your authentic self.  There is so much improvement in accepting my authentic self, speaking my truth, and how I can choose to ultilise my beautiful gifts positively. Learning more about awareness and mindfulness. Also learning about self-forgiveness. If you are considering doing this workshop, then you are likely to be at a place in your life where you are truly ready to place yourself first. You are ready to understand the answers to your questions about the real authentic you. 

Gina, Conscious Home Maker.

Coming along to The Pathway To Mindfulness Workshop was something I knew I had to do although I wasn't completely sure what it was about or that it was going to change my whole life around for the better of myself, my family and my future life. I was nervous about coming as I was quite shy when it came to opening up about myself.


Meeting Anna was an instant relief and comfort to my soul. This made it easier to want to be there and open up with my life and mind to take in all the knowledge and gain my confidence back. It was an amazing three days and Anna and this workshop will forever be in my life. For this I am truly grateful.


I am writing this a little over 5 months since I started with Anna and PTM. During those 5 months I have been mindful and more aware of how the program works. I am happy to say, I have found what I was looking for (confidence in all areas of my life) even though I didn't know all of this was within myself.  It was an amazing workshop and has changed my life. Do it, trust the instructor and workshop so you can open yourself up for all the great knowledge and life changing experience. 

Sarah, Conscious Home Maker.

I have to admit Make Your Mission Your Business course gave me much more than I expected.  The fresh head-space I am enjoying to use in my business is so valuable.  I know every business person could use that and it all came from simply giving up two Saturdays. Anna is such a gem, providing a supportive environment, she got out of me more than I could see clearly in my own head and in the end it was all my ideas, my concepts and that made it all the more worthwhile. Anna is a fantastic facilitator who absolutely knows how to read and engage a room.

Donna, Business Owner, Speakers Network.


After completing the one on one mentoring program with Anna, I was clear that it was my time to pursue a new career path. Make You Mission Your Business Intensive spoke to me. I had recently left corporate (one of many changes) and was in transition. Anna is a fantastic facilitator who absolutely knows how to read and engage a room. She understands how to create a safe space for us to open up and dream big. Her energy and her passion to make a difference is very contagious.


I enjoyed the workshop a lot and took very valuable insights home with me. Thank you Anna for guiding us through that fantastic workshop and for empowering us to walk on our own unique pathways.
Sonja, Yoga Teacher.


I attended Anna’s two-day Make Your Mission Your Business Intensive because I was interested in finding out how to  have more confidence in reaching people. Anna provided a simple and inspired process for gaining insights about myself value and how to take that out into the world.  She is very engaging and thoughtful in her approach.


I felt her acceptance of myself and for each of the participants and especially her interest in helping people express themselves fully, was outstanding. She created a very comfortable space and made everyone feel relaxed about sharing their mission in the world.
Carolyn, Wellness Coach.


I thoroughly enjoyed the one day workshop - Discover Your Unique Brilliance. The information and process was real and effective. I will be referring back to my workbook many times. For what is achieved, this has to be the best one day workshop I have attended.

Tracie, Landscape Photographer.




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