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Get Acquainted - Discovery Call

Get Acquainted - Discovery Call

Thank you for your interest in a Discovery Strategy Session. This personalised session is an opportunity to express where you are at and what you are looking for so that you can grow and flourish.


Women and men choose the Discovery session for many reasons. You may resonate with one or several of the reasons listed by my clients over the years:

  • People have plateaued in life and lost their mojo.

  • Challenging life events - don't know how to move pass them.

  • In relationship (personal or career) they are not heard or recognised. 

  • They are unfulfilled in their career and looking for direction.

  • They have forgotten how to trust their own wisdom and word.

  • People want to grow and contribute in a bigger way. 

  • They experience being overlooked in life, or in relationship. 

  • Often people want the confidence to follow their dreams. 

  • They are looking for a sense of belonging and purpose.

  • Their self-worth is low and they want to change that.

  • They worry all the time about what people think.

During your session,  you will have the opportunity to share your worries, challenges and stuck points as well how you want to experience your life differently. I promise to listen intently and consult with you on the options for having a better quality in life and flourish.


This is also an opportunity for you to get to know me and vice-versa.

Please connect me to arrange a suitable date and time. You will need to allow up to one hour. A welcome email will be sent with all the details including preparation to make the most of your time with Anna.


We look forward to talking very soon.

Anna is an enhances awareness mentor.

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