Enhances Awareness Mentoring

The Enhances Awareness Program  (EAP) is a systematic structure designed to help people bring about change they want to see in their lives, and have it be sustainable. By becoming free from our stress, fears and judgments, we are able to live with more happiness, health and clarity.  The program is designed for anyone who is desiring to improve the quality of their life and relationships.


Most people are motivated to participate due to one of these triggers:

  • They are committed to ongoing personal growth and are searching for something new and innovative that inspires them.

  • They are active in personal development, they struggle to maintain change.

  • They have come to a crossroad in life and are uncertain about how to move forward. 

  • They can relate to the following symptoms:

- a general feeling of discontent or wanting more from life.

-Unhappiness in relationships.

-Lack of fulfillment in career.

-Low self-esteem and confidence.

-Compromised health and well-being.

Lack of direction and an absence of purpose. 

Clinical trials of the EAP have shown that people's lives radically change, the more aware they become. This is gaining the ability to observe how your story plays out in your life, as opposed to being immersed in the drama of it. As you transform the old narrative, you are free to create anew, one that is an authentic loving expression of yourself in all areas of your life. People report that they receive many benefits working with Anna and there are five that are most common:

Clarity …  Mental clarity gifts presence moment awareness in relationship with yourself and others.

Wellness … A desire to make time for self-care, improved wellness and greater abundance.

Happiness … A more consistent state of happiness. Focused and productive on what is important.

Freedom … Making choices that cultivate inspired actions and honor authentic expression.

Stillness … Peace in heart and mind - expressing love for yourself and others.


Anna works with women (and some very cool men) all over the world. You can choose Skype, Zoom, telephone and in person.



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