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Discover the Phenomenal Woman within.

A feminine approach for women for personal growth.

Thank you for being here. Goddess, discover the phenomenal woman within is our signature program and has been curated from 100's of conversations from women committed to growth and transformation. Just by being on this page is a statement that you are seeking more from your life. 

Making the commitment to your growth takes courage and a willingness to go deeper, be curious and to look beyond your fears of doubt and worry. There will be moments of extreme clarity and other times when you think, what am I doing? In your heart, you know what you are doing. You are coming home to yourself and more than anything else, you know that everything you desire is on the other side of meeting the real you.


As you work through the conversations and exercises with your mentor and team collaboration, you'll unveil a new level of self-awareness, authenticity and creative thinking. You become intimate with your core essence and start to build a vision for the woman you are becoming. One that has you in the centre and allows you to dream bigger, love who you are as a woman and take decisive action towards fulfilment and contribution. Lean into the challenges and learnings along the way. You will be appreciated and celebrated. 

Phenomenal Woman guides you through a structured framework with core principles, a comprehensive tool box, journal and aspirational community and with Anna as your mentor. You will start to build your confidence as you engage in the community. Women just like you on the journey and are willing to make mistakes as well as try new things. This is a feminine approach to growth. You get the hugs and the straight talk. Goddess, discover the phenomenal woman within is not about being perfect. It is for you to shine as the best version of the woman you know in your heart is the real you.

We look forward to championing you on your journey. 

Anna Schaumkel & the team. 

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How to take the next step.

Are you ready to find out more? Then I invite you to book a free call here so that we can get to know you and explore if the Phenomenal Women programs are a good fit for what you need. The call is completely without obligation. It is a great way to have your questions answered and get a sense of what it is like working one on one with a mentor. All you need to do is book a call here. If your not techy or prefer to email me, you can do that too. I hope we get to chat soon.

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