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rising strong and flourish as your kind of woman

Goddess arrived in response to women searching for a new self-expression. One that honors their holistic viewpoint and encourages their unique qualities. Secretly, these women believe they are here to be influencers for good in the world. Some may say a force. Although reluctant to admit it out loud, they know they are wired differently from others. They are deep thinkers, sensitive in nature and resilient. They perceive the world from many perspectives. They are tapped in to their sixth sense with a love of God, the Divine or faith in universal laws. They are often referred to as visionaries.


Regardless of how challenging life becomes. these women remain determined to achieve harmony in their families, communities and wider world. Often to their detriment. They can struggle with expectation exhaustion, fear of speaking up, pain of not fitting in, being judged, low self-esteem and success.

When life gets tough, they course correct by adapting to what the world expects them to be. However, it comes at a cost. It is common for these women to confess, ‘I lost myself somewhere along the way’.


Beneath the struggles and determination to succeed, they felt as if there was an inner void. - A no-go zone - Without knowing why or how, these courageous women want to go there. Their curious nature propelled them to find a better way and if it was inside the no-go zone – so be it.

These courageous, intuitive women would search, invest in personal development and upskill. So many avenues to access the void.

With all the effort, and everything they tried, why then doesn’t it last?


What were they missing?

Traditional models of personal development focus on what is wrong. There are strategies, and goals to fix the known problems. Deep thinking women discover they can do this work but it depletes their life force called energy. What these women are searching for is space. Sufficient space to tune in and think, express ideas, and recalibrate in a way that works for them. They craved time to find their own rhythm. They want to believe they have their best answers and can create life on their terms.

- They just needed ‘the how -

"Goddess and Anna have supported my emergence out of the shadows, allowing me the time to feel comfortable so that I now stand in my spotlight for others to see, and for me to see, acknowledge and love". Julie, New Zealand.

>An empowering personal growth program for women to restore their feminine nature and take the lead in their lives.

>Goddess is designed on the principles of enquiry and curiosity.

>You to discover your true essence and needs as a woman.

>Instead of rushing to come up with solutions, you are encouraged to develop a relationship with your voice, your emotions and your form of creativity. ?>Goddess fosters a deeper understanding on how the masculine attributes and feminine qualities both serve a purpose.

>You allow yourself to be seen in your right and, in your best light.

You become your woman of worth.



Goddess is


With Goddess you fall in love with being your kind of woman

Goddess Club online 

Imagine you are sitting with trusted friends having intimate conversations that matter to you as a woman. This course offers a sacred, shared coaching space for intimate conversations. It is designed in a series of conversations, the feminine way. You have time to find your rhythm and what works for you.

You will discover that rising strong is actually REMEMBERING your unique brilliance as a woman.


As you stand for who you authentically are - You become her.


You fall in love with being your kind of woman


"I found Goddess allowed me to go as deep as I chose to go. It gave me more space as if it is tailored just for me. I have more appreciation for being a woman now. I was always worried about my fire energy as I could be quick to react. Now I know it gives me momentum. I am no longer daunted by my vision to serve and step up to be seen in the world. It has taught me that my feminine beauty is strength, the understanding to keep moving forward and that I am totally deserving to express myself in my own loving way". Lyn, New Zealand.



                                                                         Here's what's included in this highly affordable program?


Join Anna each month for a live, coaching conversation on Zoom. You will receive the conversation notes, templates and worksheets to awaken and honor you, and empower your choices to take the lead in life. Each month, Anna leads you through the conversations step by step (so you don't have to work out the how on your own). Your feminine awareness is elevated in the shared coaching space of Goddess with women becoming more confident & trusting in their abilities to flourish. If you miss a coaching call, you can catch up with the recording in the private Goddess Book Club page.


​Monthly Q&A with Anna

Get your questions answered with Anna. This is your opportunity to empower your growth. Learning to speak up and ask for what you need is one of the most empowering aspects of Goddess Book Club. Anna is here to strengthen your feminine awareness and inner growth. You will also gain valuable insights as your as other members ask their questions. Access to Q&A calls. If you miss a Q&A, you can catch up with the recording.

Gifts for being in the community.

Meet more extraordinary woman in - conversations for women - community. Exclusive invitations to events gives you a forum to share your experiences and insights, and as importantly, create friendships with women who get you.



Join Goddess Book Club

Pay Monthly


Billed monthly


Access to monthly Coaching Conversations with Anna.

Access to monthly Q&A with Anna and team.

Access to the members events.

Get Ready personal call with Anna's team.

Bi-weekly e-zine delivered to your email.



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