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The Goddess Program

For gentle, creative, ambitious woman ready to rise!

The Goddess program arrived in response to intelligent, somewhat exhausted women searching for a different style of personal development.
Whilst most coaching programs delivered answers to their perceived challenges, the traditional format of setting goals and going 'hard' to achieve was leaving them feeling uninspired. They could do the work. It's just that it stole their life force called feminine energy. What they told me was this.Women wanted more space to absorb information, explore their answers and integrate at their pace. More than anything, women wanted to live life on their terms (once they discovered what those terms were for them). Women deeply felt that there was more for them and although they rarely spoke this out loud, believed they were here to make a difference. Some would say a force for good. This inner knowing was so strong that even after years of burying their big ideas, being shut down and at times, being distracted by other important life events, guilty for feeling dissatisfied, they remained resolute. They didn't have to settle for the way life was showing up now. It was ok to desire a quality of life that encouraged having a strong voice, full heart and that didn't necessarily follow the norm.


Goddess is an empowering personal growth mentorship designed on a series of conversations to encourage curiosity and inquiry. Instead of rushing to come up with solutions, Goddess encourages you to develop a conscious relationship with your voice, your emotions and your form of creativity. You will discover your true needs as a woman. How to restore your passion and sense of worth in your world. Equally, you get to decide who you want to become to honor your inner knowing as a woman with purpose, living a creative, fulfilling life on your terms.  

Inside Goddess 

Over the course of the time you are with us, you will be implementing Growth Strategies and Growth Inspirators alongside your Goddess Mentorship. Implementers give you the 'how to' shift you from where you are now into the woman you choose to be. These are practical, doable and lovable. Yes, you have to do the work. Goddess invites a structured, feminine approach giving you more say and space to come your with your best answers. 

Growth Inspirators help shift your current view of identity, self-worth and beliefs so that the woman you are becoming exists. The best intentions in the world come to naught without understanding how to BE authentically you now and remain available to receive wild abundance in your life. 

The Implementers and Inspirators are here so that you can get a sense how the Goddess program can work inside of your life.

Goddess Implementers (2).png

How to take the next step.

Are you ready to find out more? Then I invite you to book a free call here so that we can get to know you and explore if Goddess is a good fit for what you need right now. The call is completely without obligation. It is a great way to have your questions answered and get a sense of what it is like working one on one with a mentor. All you need to do is book a call here.

If your not techy or prefer to email me, you can do that too. I hope we get to chat soon.

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