Courses - Conversations for Women 

Say Hello Beautiful 

a creative course in discovering your inner, extraordinary woman


You deserve to be seen, heard and appreciated as a strong, feminine woman.


As a woman do you become exhausted with expectations?

Are your needs and passions at the back of line, behind everyone else?

Do you sometimes feel as if you lost yourself along the way?

Maybe you realise you wear the masculine mask more often than you like?

Do you wish you had laughter & more joy in your life?

Do you wonder, with all the effort you put in to be the best you, it doesn’t last?

If you are quietly answering Yes, you see me 

Be assured - You are in good company. You're not alone. 

Women just like you have been looking for personal inner growth that gives them space to tune in and think.

They long to give their ideas and recalibrate life experience on their terms. They have been craving for structure that is creative. Hand on heart, they have all expressed they have their best answers. The mystery is how to access them.

“I had my own best answers.
I just needed to look into my brave heart and take action”. Eleanor, Australia

This was me too, and many of my clients which is how Say Hello Beautiful came into being. In a way, the courageous women I mentored over 10 years wrote the formula for the Conversations for Women programs. They longed for a new set of rules. They asked, I listened. Together we created tools to meet their needs as intelligent, sensitive women. 


Say Hello Beautiful is a creative course in
discovering your inner, extraordinary woman
and flourishing in life.


Imagine you are sitting with your trusted girlfriends having intimate conversations that matter to you as a woman.

Pursuit of Feminine is offered in a sacred, shared coaching space. It is designed in a series of conversations, the feminine way.

You have time to find your rhythm and what works for you. You discover that rising strong is actually REMEMBERING who you are as a woman.


You fall in love with being your kind of woman.


 I found this program allowed me to go as deep as I chose to go. It gave me more space as if it is tailored just for me. I have more appreciation for being a woman now. I was always worried about my fire energy as I could be quick to react. Now I realise it gives me momentum. I am no longer daunted by my vision to serve and step up to be seen in the world. It has has taught me that my feminine beauty is strength, the understanding to keep moving forward and that I am totally deserving to express myself in my own loving way. Lyn, New Zealand.

So what is included in the highly affordable Goddess Tribe Coaching Program?


Monthly Training Conversations with Anna

Join Anna each month for a live, coaching conversation on Zoom. You will receive the conversation notes, templates and worksheets to awaken and honor your feminine qualities, empower your choices to take the lead in your life. Each month, Anna introduces the concepts to confidently embrace being your kind of woman. Feminine awareness is enhanced with the shared coaching space of Pursuit of Feminine Tribe. Women thrive in community.

Monthly Q&A with Anna

Get your questions answered with Anna. Do you need more clarity or guidance. Anna is here to strengthen your feminine awareness and inner growth. You will also gain valuable insights as your Goddess sisters ask their questions.

Conversations for Women Forum

The members only forum is for the members of Goddess and Conversations for Women. Here you are able to share your experiences and insights, and as importantly, create friendships with women who get you. Exclusive invitations to events.


This program has been the greatest gift I have given myself. It held up the mirror so that I could see I was already feminine just afraid to show it. After years of putting others first, I now take care of myself which actually means I have more capacity to serve others my way. I am following my passions, confident in my skills to plan my unique path. I can call myself a beautiful woman. I would say do the program because you deserve to see yourself as strong and beautiful. Anna N, New Zealand.


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Access to monthly Q&A with Anna

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