The Aware Woman Intensive

Two abundant days to get to know yourself beyond your current reality. Renown for its positive impact, the Pathways to Mindfulness workshops are designed for you to flourish by reestablishing your self worth and value.  The unique concept that change is a natural result of how aware you are, opens the door to new possibilities in how you think, act, contribute and love.  By becoming aware  of your life story that has been holding you back from fulfilling your dreams and desires, you are free to create a new narrative, one that is more loving, empowering and an expression of the real you. 


Move forward with awareness - without fear of repeating the  past. | Rebuild trust -  lovingly reframe your personal narrative.

Develop a deeper understanding of your true wants and desires. | Strengthen your self-belief and value.

Strategise mindful, self-loving alternatives



"The Pathway To Mindfulness Workshop is an awakening experience with thorough content. It is thought provoking and revealing.

Anna provides a space for you to be free to learn about your authentic self.  There is so much improvement in self-acceptance, speaking my truth, and how I can choose to ultilise my beautiful gifts positively. Learning more about awareness and mindfulness. Also learning about self-forgiveness. If you are considering doing this workshop, then you are likely to be at a place in your life where you are truly ready to place yourself first."  Gina, New Zealand

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Make Your Mission Your Business 

This short course helps you to become more self-aware of your unique expression and how to focus this in a meaningful, fulfilling manner.  People who engage in this course may have their own business or are looking for more meaning in their chosen career. 

"I have to admit Make Your Mission Your Business course gave me much more than I expected.  The fresh head-space I am enjoying to use in my business is so valuable". Donna, Speakers Network, Australia. 

Session 1 - Getting to know the real you.

An awareness assessment that uses the profound tool of to assess your balance in both your inner and outer lifestyle. What is working and what needs more balance. 

Session 2 - Discover what lights your fire and desire. 

Explore the different aspects of joy, values, your passions and purpose through a unique inquiry into your preferences for work and contribution. 

Session 3. What is your divine contract.

Together, we explore your natural skills and talents, what you have overcome and whom could benefit from your knowledge.

Session 4 - 5. How to avoid the blocks. 

When you know what you desire and believe in what you have to offer, it is an easier step to embody your contribution. In this session you work on who you are being in soulful contribution, what blocks to be aware of and how to transform the blocks. In other words get them out of the way!

Session 5 - 6. Strategies to evolve your soulful contribution. 

Evolving your strategies to serve honestly and soulfully. Understanding how to solve others big problems. 

Session 7-8. YUB - Your Unique Brilliance

Gaining true clarity on what you deliver and the benefit to your clients/network/community.

Anchoring your unique advantage by claiming your brilliance! How will others benefit working with you over working with someone else. 

Inviting relationship with your message. How do express your YUB. 

At the end of this course, you will have the confidence and template to make your mission your business. 


"Make You Mission Your Business Intensive spoke to me. I had recently left corporate (one of many changes) and was in transition. Anna is a fantastic facilitator who absolutely knows how to read and engage a room. She understands how to create a safe space for us to open up and dream big. Her energy and her passion to make a difference is very contagious

I enjoyed the workshop a lot and took very valuable insights home with me. Thank you Anna for guiding us through that fantastic workshop and for empowering us to walk on our unique pathways". Sonya, Wellness Educator - Yoga Teacher, Australia.

I have to admit Make Your Mission Your Business course gave me much more than I expected.  The fresh head-space I am enjoying to use in my business is so valuable.  I know every business person could use that and it all came from simply giving up two Saturdays. Anna is such a gem, providing a supportive environment, she got out of me more than I could see clearly in my own head and in the end it was all my ideas, my concepts and that made it all the more worthwhile. Anna is a fantastic facilitator who absolutely knows how to read and engage a room.

Donna, Business Owner, Speakers Network, Australia 

Make Your Mission Your Business is a short course held over two days in a small group setting or over 4 weeks one on one mentoring. To find our more contact Anna.


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