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Courses - Conversations for Women 

a creative course in discovering your inner, extraordinary woman and flourishing in life.


as a woman

Are you someone who looses her energy doing what people tell you to do.

Is it second nature to put your needs behind everyone else.

At times, do you wear the mask that everything is fine when it's not.

Hand on heart, do you wish for more self-confidence and direction again.


In the quiet of the night, when no one is around,
do you let yourself admit that 'there is so much more to you than this'.

You may even say, 'wouldn't it be great to find out what that more is?'


If you are quietly answering, Yes this is me

Be assured - You are not alone.

Women just like you have been searching for inner growth
that gives them space to speak up,
be respected and actually have time to know who they are.

They ask for structure that releases their creative, ambitious spirit.

They long to give their ideas a platform to be a reality.
Most importantly, they want to meet this woman inside of them
and live purpose-filled.


"Goddess and Anna have supported my emergence out of the shadows, allowing me the time to feel comfortable so that
I now stand in my spotlight for others to see, and for me to see, acknowledge and love". Julie, New Zealand.
Goddess brochure download here


Imagine you are sitting with trusted friends having intimate conversations that matter to you as a woman.

This course offers a sacred, shared coaching space for intimate conversations.

It is designed in a series of conversations, the feminine way.

You have time to find your rhythm and what works for you.

You will discover that rising strong is actually REMEMBERING
your unique brilliance as a woman.


When you stand for who you authentically are - You become her.


You fall in love with being your kind of woman.

" I found this program allowed me to go as deep as I chose to go.
It gave me more space as if it is tailored just for me.
I have more appreciation for being a woman now. 

I am no longer daunted by my vision to serve and step up to be seen in the world.

It has has taught me that my feminine beauty is strength, the understanding to keep moving forward
and that I am totally deserving to express myself in my own loving way" Lyn, New Zealand.


Inside Goddess Book Club
Here's what's included in this highly affordable program.
Monthly Coaching Calls 
Join Anna each month for a live, coaching conversation on Zoom. You will receive the conversation notes, templates and worksheets
to awaken and honor you, and empower your choices to take the lead in life.
Each month, Anna leads you through the conversations step by step (so you don't have to work out the how on your own).
Your feminine confidence is elevated with like minded women and you are willing to share your strengths and craft your future.
If you miss a coaching call, you can catch up with the recording in the private Goddess Book Club page.


Every month - Q&A Calls

Get your questions answered with Anna. This is your opportunity to empower your growth.
Learning to speak up and ask for what you need is one of the most empowering aspects of Goddess Book Club.
Anna is here to strengthen your feminine awareness so that you become your kind of woman in the world.
You will also gain valuable insights as your as other members ask their questions.
Access to Q&A calls. If you miss a Q&A, you can catch up with the recording.

Gifts for being in the community

Exclusive invitations to events gives you a forum to share your experiences and grow your confidence.
As importantly, create friendships with women who get you and cheer you on. 

Goddess Brochure - download here

Join Goddess Book Club

Pay Monthly


Billed monthly


Access to monthly Coaching Conversations with Anna.

Access to monthly Q&A with Anna.

Access to the members events.

Get Ready personal video from Anna.

Weekly e-zine delivered to your email.

Goddess Book Club commitment of 4 months minimum.
Start anytime. 

Step In

Everything you need will be emailed to you after registration. 

Register here

"I see my life through different eyes now - I feel empowered, and

I believe I can make a difference to others and in my world"

Pia, Australia

Goddess Brochure - download here

I look forward to meeting you here x Anna


*testimonials are lovingly given by clients of Goddess private mentoring and PTM private mentoring year long programs. Read more success stories here. 

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