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EmpowerHer Collab

Welcome to EmpowerHer Collab, an immersive course offering a transformative journey of self-discovery and elevated self-care. Over eight weeks, we come together in a sacred online space, to engage in a series of EmpowerHer conversations and activities. 

EmpowerHer Collab is more than just a course; it's a collaborative space where profound personal shifts happen through shared experiences, insights, and support. Clarity of purpose, courage to take action, and creative thinking begin to manifest as you do the work and are witnessed in the community.

Each week includes a combination of group discussions, self-reflection exercises, and supportive Phenomenal Women Resources to ensure a holistic and empowering experience. Participants complete the course with a renewed sense of self, a clearer path forward, and a network of empowered women cheering them on.


The EmpowerHer Collab course is designed for women who are more gentle in nature and struggle to fit in with traditional personal development. They can do the work but it drains their life force called energy. What they need is more space, time to process and come up with their ideas. They are looking for a meaningful direction in life, an opportunity to truly be themselves and to laugh more.

All our programs are designed for gentle, ambitious women to create a fulfilling life for them.

EHC is an opportunity to dip your toes into personal growth without a big commitment. You get to experience a facilitated process and lean into trusting your voice and ideas. With EHC, you can practice the power of repetition, growth strategies, and being appreciated. For some, this is a new experience.

EmpowerHer Collab is an introductory course to the year-long Phenomenal Women Flourish Personal Growth Program. EmpowerHer is not a precursor to the year-long PWF. Equally, you are not obligated to continue after completing EmpowerHer Collab (although we would love to have you join us). It is our invitation to offer a feminine approach for you to be the best version of the woman you choose to be. We know that as women flourish, their greatest wish is to contribute to others. It is common for women in our community to become role-models, leader, business owners, coaches, artists, and to use their gifts to positively transform the lives of others.

EmpowerHer Collab begins in February 2024. 

"The short course with Anna has above anything else, reminded me of the importance of touching base with my emotional needs more often, and in a more purposeful manner. In doing these exercises I have reinforced and reflected on what values are currently most important in my life and can therefore live more ‘true to myself’. This brings me greater peace. It is too easy to listen to that inner voice which is sometimes based on past negative experiences or old ideas, instead of simply living in the now and listening to your heart, and how you feel about a situation – not how you ‘think’ you should feel.


Anna has a trusting, professional and charismatic nature which made me feel comfortable to share personal topics and take on board her experienced, relevant and insightful advice. I also found Anna’s high level of communication and follow-up emails extremely professional and reassuring. I am so grateful for the happiness in my life and Anna encouraged me to keep creating more of this on my journey of self-awareness".

Samatha, New Zealand. 


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