What to expect

Anna uses a combination of awareness processes and strategies to form a revolutionary approach to healing that will take you from where you are now to where you truly want to be. This unique western approach of mindfulness helps you to reshape your life experience in the present and create strategies to value a self-nourishing future activating the power of conscious choice.


It’s not an easy path to make radical change no matter how much you desire it. You may secretly worry it will bring  emotional, mental discomfort. This is only because you are working inside of what is familiar to you - your known zone.


The unique step by step formulas, frameworks and structure of the enhances awareness and mindfulness processes will inspires you to reach outside of your known zone.  After all if you want a different way of life, you have to be prepared to be different.


You will discover that many of your self-limiting beliefs are contained within one story which in fact is based on the past. As you become aware of the impact of the story and how to create alternatives that are more self-loving, you are free to create a new narrative; one that is in alignment with your authentic truth.


Scientific neural research has proven that increasing awareness, the brain is adaptable to change.

Having an Awareness Mindset is paramount for you to achieve what you desire most therefore we start with expanding your Awareness Mindset first. Awareness overcomes limiting beliefs and opens your mind and heart to self-loving alternatives not yet considered. As importantly you will tap into your intuition which is a natural result of becoming more aware and trusting of yourself. 


Clients often say that the first session with Anna delivers beyond their expectations.

"As we work together, you will become more awake and prepared for whatever experiences enter into your life and how to respond to long standing challenges with wisdom and clarity. Clients that work with me are looking for answers to challenges in their day to day lives. I help clients to reshape their experience of life in the present and how to activate a future that respects who they are and what they believe.

I call it being a woman of substance - cultivating your voice and actions inside of your authentic truth.


Remember this isn’t therapy, this is awareness mentoring. It’s true, you will do all the work and I am here to champion you the entire way".

Professional Bio

Certified Senior Enhances Awareness Mentor -
Workshop Facilitator, Pathways to Mindfulness -

Workshop Facilitator - Aware Woman -

Certified Fascial Kinetics Bowen Practitioner - FK School, Australasia.

Leadership Training - Landmark Education International

Robbins/Madanes Coach Training 

About Anna

“I was a corporate woman for 20 years in Media, Commercial Business and Human Resources. l loved the challenges, fast-pace, camaraderie, the exceptional learnings and remuneration. When I became close to burn-out for the second time, I knew I had to take time out to re-evaluate my priorities. During a sabbatical in Europe I consciously worked on my recovery. I was also co-creating a mindfulness coaching model. This became the foundation for The Enhances Awareness Programs and the basis of my work since 2008. Today, I am dedicated to working with extraordinary women (and some very cool men) who are seeking freedom from their restrictive thinking and fears that like me, lead to exhaustion, unhappiness, emotional stress and loneliness. I guide them to develop a stronger, truer appreciation of their self-worth independent of their relationship, career or wealth status or their past. This enabling them to flourish in the best version of themselves that they choose to be. 

I am committed to the betterment of women and encourage women to be brave and contribute to others in a bigger way, thereby expanding our reach as women of substance.


In my spare time you will find me hiking in nature, exploring foreign places or creating in the kitchen. I love spending time with family and friends, reading inspirational authors and endeavouring to get better at yoga."

"Get in touch with me today, I  would love to hear from you.”