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What to expect

We are a global collaboration of inspiring women supporting each other to be seen and successful, and making a difference in the way that is unique for each person. As the lead, I've had the privilege of connecting with amazing people, primarily women, and some heart-centred men whose success has come to define their identity and expectations. However, for many, this success has lost its inspirational spark and transformed into a source of immense pressure.

For many women, the expectation to consistently achieve professionally and personally can become overwhelming. What if the chosen career no longer aligns with personal aspirations? What if your day to day is on repeat and you feel powerless to change it? How does one break free from the cycle of conforming to others' expectations and move towards genuine fulfilment?

In such moments, many people, mostly gentle natured women tend to persevere, adhering to societal expectations and avoiding any disruption. Don’t rock the boat, don’t say too much, bury their dreams and move on. The fear of disappointing others is so real, it is safer to wear the mask that everything is fine, even when it is not.

Yet, a growing number of intelligent and ambitious women are choosing not to settle. If you find yourself reading this, you are one of these women. This is the space where you get to explore, be witnessed and celebrated so that you can redefine fulfilment and success on your terms. You get to rediscover who you are and what is most important to you now and over time, you become this woman. 

What awaits you is a journey of falling in love with your authentic self, discovering your soul mission to align your true work and passion. We'll show you how to take meaningful action, and ultimately flourish as your kind of woman. 

Professional Bio

Founder and senior lead with the Phenomenal Women Growth programs. 
Founder of Love Leadership coach training with 

Certified Fascial Kinetics Bowen Practitioner - FK School, Australasia.

Certified Senior Mentor, Centre for Western Mindfulness.

Leadership Training - Landmark Education International.

Robbins/Madanes Core 100 Coach Training.

UHPW Graduate with Tony Robbins.

Student, The Work with Byron Katie.

About Anna

For two wonderful decades, I immersed myself in the corporate realm, navigating through the dynamic landscapes of Media, Commercial Business, and Human Resources. The challenges, fast-paced rhythms, continuous learning, and fulfilling compensation kept me happy and engaged. However, facing burnout for the second time prompted a profound pause, urging me to revaluate my life's priorities.


During a soul-renewing sabbatical in the heart of Europe, I deliberately focused on my personal recovery while simultaneously co-creating a Mindfulness mentoring program which I still offer today. I rediscovered my love for the simple things in life, slowing down, my spirituality and for me, the importance of connecting and helping others. What awoke within me was my feminine spirit that had unintentionally been dialled down during my corporate years. I was determined to bring this balance back into life and to empower myself with not only my capacity to achieve, also to utilise my divine intelligence such as intuition, creativity, love and collaboration. To be phenomenal means to shine, and to shine, we need both the masculine attributes of doing and the feminine awareness in balance.

Since then, my journey has expanded into the field of personal development. I've had the honour of mentoring over 200 individuals in year-long personal growth programs, in intimate one-on-one settings plus many more in short courses. 70% of people engaging in personal development are women and this has certainly been my experience as a mentor too. I have a growing passion for supporting gentle, ambitious women at a crossroads in life because they need a different Growth Model. One that offers more space and creativity. Over a span of two years, I crafted and wrote the highly successful signature program for women, "Goddess: discover the phenomenal woman within and flourish." (This is the Growth Program I needed as a gentle woman and couldn't find so I developed it).Tailored with the distinctive qualities of gentle, ambitious women in mind, the program is a structured, step by step formula, and offers more space to explore your unique needs, challenges and aspirations. Knowing yourself is foundational for rewriting a compelling future. One that lights you up, acknowledges your ambitious nature, your big ideas and gives back control so that you love who you are and your life. We believe that reconnecting with your authentic self allows you truly to shine and contribute to the wellbeing of others in a much bigger way.  If this is resonating with you, rest assured we’ve got your best interests at heart and will champion you all the way.

When I'm not mentoring, you'll find me hiking in nature, penning my next growth program into a book, cherishing quality time with family and friends. Engaging in a morning ritual of joy with the dogs is a must, continuing to get better at yoga and perfecting the perfect loaf of bread.


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