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What to expect

I have had the privilege of meeting countless people (mostly women) who have a measure of success that defines who they are and how they are seen in the world. The problem is, their success no longer inspires them.  In fact, being successful feels like pressure.
Career women have to keep being successful. What if it’s not the career that you want to be in or known for? How do you break the cycle of doing what you’re good at and being the person others expect you to be? How do you move on from being stuck and unhappy?

At this point most people will dig in and just get on with it. After all that is what is expected right? Don’t rock the boat. People will be disappointed in you. Better off staying where you are.

And yet…
There is a growing number of intelligent, ambitious women who decide they are not going to settle. If you are still here reading this, you are one of these women. This is the place you get to reinvent your measure of success by becoming your kind of woman.

What you can expect is to fall in love with who you are, define your soul purpose, take action and flourish.

Clients often say that the first session with Anna delivers beyond their expectations.

Professional Bio

Certified Senior Enhances Awareness Mentor, Center for western mindfulness.
Workshop Facilitator, Pathways to Mindfulness - Center for western mindfulness. 

Certified Fascial Kinetics Bowen Practitioner - FK School, Australasia.

Leadership Training - Landmark Education International

Robbins/Madanes Coach Training 

About Anna

“I was a corporate woman for 20 years in Media, Commercial Business and Human Resources. l loved the challenges, fast-pace, camaraderie, the exceptional learnings and remuneration. When I became close to burn-out for the second time, I knew I had to take time out to re-evaluate my priorities. During a sabbatical in Europe I consciously worked on my recovery. I was also co-creating a mindfulness coaching model which I still mentor today. 

Since then, I have been doing many things in the personal development space; and coached over 200 hundred people (1-1) in year-long personal growth programs. Equally as many in courses. Not everyone could complete the personal growth programs in the timeframes. Specifically, high functioning, ambitious women. They needed and were given more space to think, discuss and course correct. As important, they wanted to color their life outside of the lines of conformity and define their own rules.  All of this took time and they needed a different framework. 

As they became surer of their voice, and their values, they often uncovered creativity such as writing, drawing or a calling to be in nature or towards spiritual matters. They began to comprehend their unique viewpoint as a gift to share with others and could believe that they are here to make a contribution to others.

Over a period of 2 years, I wrote the now highly successful signature program for women called Goddess. How to rise strong and flourish being your kind of woman.  Because the conversations are written with the unique qualities of ambitious, creative women top of mind, the programs worked for their nature and delivers in a timely manner. No more struggling, a lot more celebrating.  

Here I am in 2021. I am incredibly privileged and blessed to work alongside amazing women (and heart centered men), determined to transform their lives for their highest good and for the good of others. Many of my clients become life-long friends.

"A truly wonderful, enlightening experience to face your fears, learn to act and respond in the most self-loving way and gain a deeper connection and understanding of yourself, others and the world around you". Carmela, UK. 

When I'm not working...

You will find me hiking in nature, writing my next book, spending quality time with family and friends. At times I love to dance and sing and in other moments, I like to be still and quiet. Playing with the dogs in the morning is a must do ritual of joy. I am still endeavoring to get better at yoga and bake the perfect loaf of bread!

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