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Empowering your self-image

I've always been fascinated how the words power and empowerment are used. Today I looked up the definitions on google. Power denotes influence over or having the confidence or authority to act, whereas empowerment is "the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life...". Spiritually, faith in a higher power is still alluding to something happening to you. Either we are not there yet and working on it or being influenced by external powers. Media and advertising are 'powerful' influencers as is the power of faith. Personal development inspires self-empowerment and personal power.

Can you be both empowered and powerful?

Yes absolutely you can. It's a matter of how you choose to influence and where you choose to invest your energy to become more self-confident and stronger. You can be an influencer for the greater good or for an influencer to promote war. Both require an investment of time, commitment and passionate belief.

The path that calls you forward has a lot to do with your self-belief.

By choosing the greater good, you are saying that you are making a stand for love - justice - equality - peace - inclusiveness. All the qualities that are pursued by the divine feminine. The divine feminine believes in her soul that everything is sacred, she is sacred.

However you define yourself is your choice

#breakthebias starts with your willingness to stand for yourself as your kind of woman.

I believe the most effective position to make change is to intimately know who you are. Instead of letting fear stop you, surrender to your inner calling, your true nature. Then you accept who you are and yes it will take effort to break through the armor and programing.

In our Rising strong & flourish programs, we refer to effort as having a willingness to entertain different perspectives and maintain curiosity. Having a curious mindset is aligned with the feminine spirit to explore and imagine. Curiosity brings into the light, unconscious behaviors that don't you may not have known were there.

Effort to trust and be open is a big part of the journey to empower your image. There is another ingredient and that is to stop going to war with yourself. It's challenging at first to stop holding yourself back, speaking badly to yourself, even being scared of what others may think of you.

I want to encourage you to stay the course. When you step into the arena of self-discovery, do so with a whole lot of compassion for yourself, do the work and stay the course, and one other thing, don't go it alone. More is achieved when you are in conscious community with people who get you. Why? You learn to trust the sacred space and speak and you are heard. Can you imagine the empowering effect of that? When you are heard and held as your full self, your confidence has only one way to go - UP through your heart and into your life. You are more aligned with the dreams you have about yourself than your smaller image and when you do the work in the company of others, you will see this too.

This week I am sharing a process: Empower your self-image. You will find it in Inspirational tools.

PS: Maybe you would like to be in community for your personal growth too. Maybe we can help. If you would like to explore more. Let's talk.


Sharing the love

"Before I worked with Anna, I was struggling with my confidence as a manager. I knew I was more than capable of the role but the conflict between other members was difficult to solve. Anna encouraged my participation through a concise format of awareness. I was able to observe my narrative, in particular the language I wasn't even aware I was using and therefore consolidating my worse fears. With the clearly defined step by step process, I was able to consider how I wanted to show up in my career and life, and to do so authentically. At first, this was challenging! Once I had the vision of the authentic me and the strategies to practice, everything else started to fall into place. Now, I have a clear process to deal with internal issues, although conflict is rare. I lead in my authentic style, and with clear, calm communication. People are more empowered to seek their success using their specific skill-set. We all listen to ideas and contribution from others. I no longer worry about 'worse fears', instead one of the first things I ask myself when I feel anxious is that question 'what is the worse that could happen'. Playing that out as an observer has really strengthened my confidence to make powerful, right decisions, both in my personal and professional life". K, Australia.


Inspirational tools

The Power of Conversations

Conversations that respect your feminine spirit and guide you to overcome your challenges start with one step, one action. You don't have to make a big commitment up front. In fact feminine women like to explore first and feel out if the personal growth / teacher / mentor is the right fit for them. Does this resonate with you too? If it feels right, you can book a discovery call (it's free) to check-out if we are a good fit for you on your empowering self-image journey. You can book a call here:

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