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If you've ever been called a bi-it#h, read this nurturing reminder.

It's true that you are a busy woman right? Even if...what you are busy with is other people's business 70% of the time. The family, being a good friend, the work, the never-ending to do list, the being nice. Wouldn't it be great to have time for your vision, your hopes & dreams for 2024.It's reasonable to say that at times, the only way through is in - command mode. You know the tone that is crisp and to the point. The look that screams across the room - don't mess with me. Or maybe it's the sigh. That deep, short exasperation. The 'stop right there' hand movement. It can also be the silent treatment (with the eyes rolling). Put two or all of these strategies together and you have an effective command mode.


I am having this conversation with you today because it's something that many advancing women are healing (myself included). If you're anything like me, you've realised by now that this may be effective for a time, and yet long term, it will drain your energy and self-respect. You are likely to reprimand yourself - 'why do you have to be such a bi-it#h' or feel crushed when someone else brings it to you attention. So what can you do and still be in calmer command?

Whatever you repeat consistently becomes a habit,

and habits can change.

The first thing to remember is this. You are a strong, gifted woman who has ambitions and the biggest of hearts. You are on a learning curve of appreciation. Whatever strategies you have put in place 'to cope' up to now do not reflect the true essence of who you are becoming. It's time for upgrading your internal dialogue. If what you do - steals your energy and - how you do it robs you of joy...

High five yourself


You have unearthed one or more of out-dated patterns of behaviour. Now you have a choice to make. In the Phenomenal Women programs, we call this conscious choice activity - chocolate or vanilla. Do you want to stay the same to cope or create an updated way-of-being and rise. It's as simple as choosing chocolate or vanilla.


Decide to change your pattern with conscious repetition.


I want to gift you something that you can implement straight away and it is this.
Respond verses react. You must teach your body and mind to behave differently. You will notice the tonality of the word respond is softer than react.

By practicing chocolate or vanilla - you're reaffirming your choice to respond to your day-to-day life. Make it a conscious choice to repeat this at least 3 times a day, morning, noon and night. Hands over the heart, breath in "I choose to respond to my day" and breath out 'as a conscious choice'. Keep it up for at least this week, 21 days is better to gain momentum. Your training your mind and body now and this is a core component to shift habits. Record what happens in your journal.


If you think that it is time to shift into habits that match the woman you are becoming, then reach out and book a free Discovery Call with me here.


Until next time, Throw your arms open wide, breath into your heart and respond. 

Anna Maree x

 Resources for Growth


You don't have to settle for life as it is (no matter how good). If you are called to explore what's next, come and talk with us. You'll get a strategic, discovery call to identify how best to move forward. It's absolutely free. And, if it makes sense, you can discover how we uniquely support our amazing women to flourish and lead.

Follow the link and book your call. I look forward to discovering new opportunities for you.


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