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What stays & what goes. Your Release Ritual for 2023

Today, I'd like to share a finely tuned ritual to set you up for 2024. It is step 2 of 3 to shift your self view for the better. Doing so will expand your confidence as well as your perspective on what's possible. When you have a clear and repeatable process to use across all areas of your life, you set yourself up to win. You are no longer hoping and riding on maybe's, and pushing hard with questionable progress. Did I do enough, am I enough?

Instead you can focus on the things that matter most, and who you can become.

Before we launch in, it makes sense that we start at the beginning and touch on the first step - Celebrate.

Strengthen your attitude of appreciation.


Self-appreciation is your rock-solid foundation for experiencing a meaningful life. Why is it crucial to have meaning? Ask any woman in our Phenomenal Women programs, and they will say, 'What stopped me (in the past) was not believing in myself enough.' The fact is, when you expand your presence, you become more visible. For many, this requires a new level of bravery. Strengthening self-appreciation is needed to shift your mindset and embrace a new level of bravery.


Accomplishments for 2023.


Set a time alert for 5 minutes. Take out a sheet of paper and pen and write down everything you have accomplished, are proud of, and have achieved in 2023. Imagine you did this once a week? There is a fairly good chance that you would have a rock-solid foundation of appreciation and confidence. I know it's not easy to do it on your own consistently. Reach out to us if you prefer to be surrounded by other aspiring women. We can make it happen for you.


The Release Ritual.


We are focusing on this today so you can get into the practice of managing your growth and visibility. Again, both steps 1 and 2 are repeatable. Here we go.


This is about what is not coming with you in 2024.


On a separate sheet of paper, you are going to list all the patterns of behaviour, people's opinions, and attitudes that are not coming with you in 2024. What’s not coming with you? There will be some things that are the same, so choose your most pressing states of behaviours, emotions, people's opinions.


This is your line in the sand.


It's a first cutting of the cord on outdated patterns. A one-off is not going to cause a transformation. Get into the habit of doing this or something like this on a regular basis. Repetition will get you to your goal, and the goal is to expand your confidence and perspective on what's possible. Remember, we are setting you up for planning your 2024.


Tips for managing this step.


Stay in your own space (and away from other distractions). Keep your Release list to yourself while going through this process. Be still and listen deeply to your inner voice.


We are going to have a ritual of release now.


The subconscious mind responds to symbols, images, sound, and repetition quicker than words only.


Step 1. Take your sheet of paper (with your release list), fold it in four, cup it in your hands, and place it on your heart.


You are going to thank what is no longer coming with you. Thank the behaviours, opinions, and other patterns (on your list) for showing you more of who you are and your truth. Speak it out loud that you no longer need to have them in your life from this moment on. Use whatever words speak to you. This is your commitment to release.


Step 2. You can now rip your sheet of paper up. Enjoy it. Be all-in that you are releasing all that does not serve. Once it is ripped up, it needs to go somewhere.


Step 3. My recommendation is to put the paper in garden soil or a pot and plant something beautiful. You can also burn the paper and bury the ashes. The burning and smoke are clearing the way for your 2024. This is a popular ritual in our Phenomenal Women Collab because it works. Release activates emotion and therefore connects you with mind, body, and spirit. The more connected you are to yourself, the clearer your decisions.


If you can’t do step 3 now...


Place your release paper somewhere safe because what you have written is precious and needs to be honoured in this way. Place the paper in an envelope or fold it into another sheet of paper. Make the commitment to yourself to carry out the release ritual within the next 24 hours.


The photo with this news has kindly been provided by the two women post-workshop (Celebrate-Release-Capture). To have the full experience, they got together to burn their Release pages in the home of one who had a fireplace. Fantastic collaboration. Love this image.


Ok, back to Release. Be totally present with this ceremony. Remember, you are releasing what no longer serves you. Now, you are ready to move into Capture, which is moving into a state of readiness for the planning day in 2024.


Keep the momentum going! You have to repeat this process on a regular basis for the mind and body to accept the change.


Does it work? Here's the evidence.


What was it like going through the release ceremony? Our participants going through this process have commented they felt lighter, powerful, empowered, brave, ready.


What tends to happen for women that are on a mission to expand is often seeing themselves as time-poor. They just want the end result and are only doing the action steps. They are not preparing themselves, not preparing their vessel. This can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and disappointment. Do they expand again? No, they retract and go back into hiding. Can you relate?


The feminine winning formula. 

Whereas the winning formula we use is a feminine approach. First, you are anchoring in the attitude of appreciation. Once you have that, release what no longer serves. Next, get yourself prepped and ready to launch into planning.

So, you have your assignment to do before the end of this year. Even if you have done your planning and got into action already, I want to encourage you to use the Release Ceremony. If we can help and you know for sure that going alone is too slow and hard, contact us for an exploratory conversation. we Here's the link to book your call.


Wishing all a safe and happy festive season.


 Anna Maree x



5th January 2024

My Best Year 2024 Planning Day. Plan with clarity, intention and heart. Online event.Book your virtual ticket here


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