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Your Divine Contract

Updated: Nov 17, 2019


Along the journey of creating life with clarity and wisdom, there is a big breakthrough and life starts to transform.

It takes awareness and time to accept a new way of being and to receive new results graciously. I think we can all agree there are blocks to move out of the way, not because we have to but because we want to.

We have been wired to accept disappointment than to accept our power to create our desires. 

The very cool men and women of substance in our community are testament to having faith in the power to create their wildest dreams. They train themselves for it by:

  • following the system

  • trusting in the process and 

  • believing that they are so, so worth it. 

This week I am sharing a selection of session notes from one of my workshops called Make Your Mission Your Business. In this workshop, people become more aware of their natural talents and gifts and how to direct them for a fulfilling purpose. I call it becoming aware of your Divine Contract.



Getting to know you, session one, helps you to think-outside-of-the-box and rewire for possibilities and fulfillment. This is a good start to get your soulful juices going to discover your Divine Contract.


STEP 1. PUT ASIDE TIME and fine a place where you will not be interrupted. This is also a wonderful exercise to share with a friend. You will need drawing items such as coloured pens, paper or a journal. 

STEP 2QUIETEN YOUR MIND by taking in three conscious in-out breaths.  Remember there  is no right or wrong. This is exploring and tapping into your own wisdom.

STEP 3. ENGAGE IN THE INQUIRY with pen and paper (I have added some examples). 


JOY - what gives you great joy in your life? 

FREEDOM - What do you do naturally without getting paid for it. This is part of your normal day to day. Anna's list - Having stimulating conversations with purpose. Standing for women to shine and men to embrace their heart space as power. Writing, interviewing. 

NOURISH - How do you nourish your mind, body and heart such as what type of books do you like to read or podcasts you like to listen to? (This is always a big clue to your natural way to contribute). 

FIRE - When - what - where do you feel most alive?  Anna's list - In the mountains, in nature, with people who are open to share, when I am laughing out loud with others. When I am challenged.

PLAY - what type of things or people or situations ignites your playful spirit.

LOVE - who are the people / communities you feel pulled towards helping? It may be Rescue animals as an example.

STEP 4. Now that you have tapped into this part of you, place your Divine Contract exercise to the side. Come back to it during the week from time to time. Is there something else you would like to add or perhaps have more clarity to a particular question? 

I would love to hear about your insights going through this exercise. You are welcome to reach out to me here. 



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