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Finding the gift in life's knock-backs.

Updated: May 18, 2023

Every heroine's journey has good times, glorious growth and knock-backs. The Goddess Collab members know this well. You must do the work to free yourself from the very things that disempower you and expect the knock-backs. I want to share with you one story of knock-back to inspire and strengthen your courage. After a particularly powerful Implementation session planning the next 90 days, members in our community were focussed and ready to go. It's important to mention that Implementation within the Goddess Collab has a feminine approach. Yes, it is structured, we craft strategies and set accountability. SELF OWNERSHIP. What's different with Goddess Collab Implementation is we start with ownership. That is - owning your core essence and values. Ownership as someone taking the lead in her life. Who is this person coming into the Implementation session and who does she need to BE to powerfully implement the next stage of her vision. Straight off the bat, the women in Goddess will always state, I need this community. Being in a community where you are loved (yes, I did use the L word), and given the space to find your rhythm and cultivate your form of creativity is rich. How you work successfully and how someone else does can be very different. Know how your wired and cultivate your becoming. Know yourself.

What happens when you are knocked-back? You share it in community. Remember the focus is on - taking ownership of who you truly are heart and soul. Every knock-back is an opportunity to evaluate how true this is. What are the hidden triggers that stop you in your tracks. How can you reengineer this learning and use it to your advantage next time you feel the knock-back. What's one thig you can do now to shift from being disempowered to empowered. Equally, it takes vulnerability to share a knock-back. So when one of our beautiful Goddess members shares her knock-back, women celebrate her. They know what it is like to step up and momentarily be knocked-back. Our community expressed how proud they were of this woman (I'll call her Jane) for respecting her true self. Being IN a non-judgmental, growth environment allows you to reset and have compassion for yourself. You must surround yourself with people who will hold you accountability and be on your side when things don't go as expected. This is your ticket through to confidence, energy and focus. When you are feeling low, people who have been in exactly the same place will hold you up. Inside of the knock-back. Jane gave herself the space to discover what was really going on. What was the gift in this interaction that had disempowered her self-belief? Over a few days, Jane meditated, slowed down her inner critic, kept her own counsel and held her faith.

Faith in our community is a mindset activity. Life is always working in your favour (even when it looks like anything but).

The Gift for empowerment. The knock-back demonstrated a mismatch in values. What Jane believed and the other were different. Jane recognised her old habit of people-pleasing. The emotional pull of people pleasing from her past had popped up. Because of this awareness, Jane could reset her thinking and actions for the future. There is absolutely no doubt that Jane (and all of us) will have the experience of knock-backs again.

If you are willing to increase your presence and show up as an influencer for good, knock-backs are inevitable. I want to say it again, this is how you learn what is in your way to your success, love, joy and abundance.

Jane was able to strengthen her courage to be disliked as a bold reset for people pleasing.

Another factor of growth with this high level of awareness is how the story becomes a tool for yourself and others. No longer triggered by an event or situation in the past, you become the story teller of possibilities for someone else. You can be compassionate and hold another's struggle with awareness. Just as Jane was held and heard in community. One of the cornerstones for being the lead in your life is to role model your change. Be active with it. By sharing and role modelling new behaviours, you are effectively strengthening new ways of being for you - the real you.

Learning to hold your presence regardless of the situation your are in or the person you are with can be challenging. Maybe we can help. Our signature program is designed for you to have a strong voice, full heart and boldly live your life. Would you like to know more? Connect with us and we will book your free discovery call. This is your opportunity to share your challenges and your vision. Just filling out the short questionnaire will give you more clarity. We will expand on this during your free call to give you tools and options for growth. Our intention is that you receive high value for you call and clarity to take a step forward in your life. Here's the link to connect with Anna direct and book your call. Book my free discovery call.


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