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Don't be afraid of your rhythm, as it connects you to success.

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Today, I’d like to invite you into a conversation about your natural rhythm so that you can elevate your measure of success and feel immensely fulfilled doing so. Consider success as being an internal alignment such as success having emotional health or meaningful relationships. Ok, lets explore your rhythm. As a woman, you are already aware of your feminine cycles. The ebb and flow of your energy throughout the month and the challenges to perform at your best, when the preference is a day in bed. The changes in the body occur over a life-time, bringing in new fears of value and worth. Navigating the shifts in hormones as a mature woman can be as unsettling as a young woman coming into first bloom.

As someone identifying as a woman, you are multi-faceted and I believe that this is overlooked in today’s society. We need to freely speak about being a woman and all the beauty and unknown journey that comes with it. Finding your rhythm is an opportunity to return to the power within yourself. Gaining clarity on how best you function during your seasons gives access to living on your terms. Done so with awareness, grace and ease.

It’s also practical life management.

But, you must draw your line in the sand and make it so. Decide to banish shame and guilt associated with your feminine cycles. You do this by intimately knowing who you are and what you need at different junctures in your life. You must claim your space to be feminine and give yourself permission to be powerful.

I say this with great love in my heart. No-one else will do it for you. In Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, Sheryl noted how unaware she was of the lack of facilities for pregnant women until she became one. The shock of her unawareness was deep. Her response was immediate and her organization implemented positive changes. This is the gift of becoming aware of Yourself as a woman who cycles with your rhythm. As you settle into your authentic way of being, something magical arrives. You start to feel the pull towards sharing your knowing with other women so that they too can honour themselves. You #EmpowerHer with your actions.

Understanding your rhythm evolves and shifts with the seasons of womanhood. Give yourself the grace to set yourself up now to maintain awareness of your natural rhythm. This way, you will develop the awareness to live in harmony with what you need and how you choose to give.


Start by becoming more aware of your body and emotions cycling through the day and nature's seasons. I know that I am at my best in the mornings. By mid-afternoon, it is better for me to have a break and get some sunshine. In the winter I crave more sleep as soon as the light fades.

Track Your Moods:

  • This can easily be done on your phone or your diary. Simply asking yourself 2 questions: How are you feeling today and,

  • how would you rate your emotional state 1-10 (10 being the highest). If you are low (6 or below), check in with what you need to be nourished. Keep it practical and doable. In our signature program we call this PDL – practical, doable and lovable actions.

  • Do one thing to elevate your emotional state. This is self-love in action :)-

Investigate your To-Do List.

I know you have a to do list that is never-ending. Are there items on the list that you can pause on when you need more space and energy? Remember this isn’t forever. It is just for this season.

Practice Permission Given: Give yourself permission to embrace your femininity and power. If you’re not connected with this side of you, reach out to us here for an exploratory call. We guide women to recognise their rhythm and how to embrace their strength, focus and align with authenticity and love.

Collaborate in open-hearted community:

Sharing your experiences in an uplifting community of like-minded women is golden. Your confidence to honour yourself a is noticeably heightened as you are witnessed and appreciated. You get to explore new ways of being that match your rhythm by listening to others stories. Collaborate, share and explore so that you don't have to figure everything out on your own.

Invest in Your Personal Growth: There is no separation between how you show up for your personal life or attend to your professional life. As you become more attuned to your nature and drop the masculine mask, you release the pressure of always being ON. There is a season for learning and expanding your consciousness and a season for resting. The thing is, growth is so connected to your well-being that some form of expansion will always soothe the longing in your soul. Listen to what is right for you. Remember the goal is to intimately know yourself so that you feel more deeply connected with yourself and your measure of success.

Everyone’s experience is unique, and these steps can help you better understand your rhythm as a woman and embrace living authentically. Give yourself the time to discover what works best for you and practice micro-commitments to ease into your natural rhythm. You can find out more about micro-commitments in last week's letter here. If the timing feels right and you would like to explore your rhythm to live more fulfilled and purposefully, maybe we can help. Reach out to us here and book a free exploratory call. This is an opportunity to get to know one another and map out a plan to address your challenges and reach your dreams. Sometimes this one conversation is all that's needed to boost your confidence and take the next step on your personal growth journey. Book your call here.

Until next time, stay well, take care of your rhythm in life.

- with thanks Anna xo

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