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Understanding your feminine with numerology

Discovering your strengths in the feminine can seem a mystery. What if the discovery of your feminine could be enriched with a conversation on the ancient science of numerology.

Join me in this provocative conversation on how to understand you feminine vibration. It's inside of you ready to strengthen your confidence and self-belief.

Tap the image to view the video then follow the Uplift exercise to get to know yourself within your feminine spirit.

For you

Center yourself first. Switch off all distractions and give yourself this time to reconnect with your feminine spirit. This will be something you know about yourself and maybe have not given the time to embrace. There is power in owning all your abilities. In a small way, engaging in this Uplift is giving you access to help balance the scales of your masculine attributes and feminine qualities. To know and understand who you are is a gateway to significant shifts in your experience as a woman.


Independent, likes her freedom. Feels fenced in when told what to do. The vibration of the one is: relationship with the Divine. In her feminine, a woman can be very intuitive (even if this isn’t recognised that yet).


Caring energy. Undisclosed, the vibration of the two is ‘over helpful’. However, in the true essence of feminine, two’s strength is moving from being helpful to harmony. Best achieved in collaboration.


Playful, glass is half full. Three vibration brings lightness into all situations. Sensual. When sensuality is missing, the three can feel uninspired. Lean in to big ideas and joy.


Magical order. The feminine vibration of the four loves to create order out of chaos. She is known for her loyalty. You can ‘feel’ her vibration loving you from afar.


Innovative. Five holds the vibration of creativity and curiosity. On a deep level the feminine five embraces all aspects of life including change.


Take me home momma! Six oozing love and beauty (even if dormant). Exceptional business women when they lead from the heart.


Grace and connection. Seven is the holy gentle woman, her warrior energy is her spiritual knowing. Cultivated, the feminine is a powerhouse for change quietly.


Born to lead. The feminine learns to own her unique brilliance and balance both the masculine / feminine to serve with love.


Union. The feminine knows that she is here to serve and she must follow this through. The vibration is strongly aligned with faith in God/divine/ holy spirit.


Conversations From Our Community.

Conversations for women has been created with the courage of 100's of women having the important conversations, and desiring to embrace their full potentiality lovingly.

Bee is one such woman who found her greatest strengths were in her difference.

I had my answers before hand, I just wasn't trusting to act on them. Now I understand why by gaining clarity on my big challenges and how to work with them.

I am a writer but also stuck on how to believe in my contribution through my writing. I have always felt different, even now as a woman in her late sixties.

I had tried many things to be more confident but it was there, this doubt. I made a decision to have a consultation with Anna. My book was on metaphysics and the science of numbers intrigued me. I am a healer and a very good one and knew I couldn't do it myself.

The consultation I had with Anna was outstanding. It was more like a conversation. With her knowledge and innate intuition, I gained the clarity and confirmation on the right next steps for me. I had my answers before hand, I just wasn't trusting to act on them.

I liked the structure with this process, it made sense. Now I understand why by gaining clarity on my big challenges and how to work with them. I have to say this is very exciting at this age, I have a way to have more balance and fulfilment. Trusting in my difference is my key. I am internally grateful for the wisdom and understanding.

B.Knight. Author and Healer, Australia

Until next time xo Anna

(PS): Would you like to gain more clarity on how to move forward in your life in a feminine way? I would be happy to chat with you and arrange a complimentary Discovery Call. If it feels right, reach out to me here:


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