The Naked Truth about Beauty

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

The NAKED TRUTH is everyone is beautiful.

What I know for sure is that as you discover your beauty, you fall in love with being your kind of woman.

One of the reasons that I focus on CONVERSATIONS FOR WOMEN is that I feel strongly that I can make a stand for women to be seen and heard in their own right and light.

The NAKED TRUTH is everyone is beautiful.

What I know for sure is that as you discover your beauty, you fall in love with being your kind of woman. All you want to do from here is be a stand for another so they see their beauty and rise strong too.

It can start with one conversation about how you see yourself as a woman.

One moment to risk speaking your truth, your hopes and pain. Witnessing your truth is how miracles can and do happen.

Do you know that one thing women on the growth path share?

There is a struggle in feeling safe to be themselves (even if they are not sure exactly who that is now). Can you relate to this as well?

Because of this, you may find you wear the masculine mask more often than you like?

I know I did when I was in corporate. I am also aware that it can be uncomfortable and even scary 'dropping the mask', and meeting the woman underneath.

RESPECT where you are.

This is one reason why it's important to observe and respect exactly where you are. Trust in yourself strengthens when you 'bare your soul' without being made wrong by yourself or others. You are heard and held. It allows the feminine to rise without judgment, and you discover it is worth the uncomfortableness at first. As Amanda commented "the benefits will be loving and life changing".

You don't have to keep being strong alone. There will always be a a sacred space to honour your emergence here in Conversations For Women. You will be encouraged, guided and celebrated.

love Anna xo

(ps) you can read Amanda's success story here

2016-2017 Pirelli Photo Shoot with Peter Lindbergh and Anastasia Ignatova

Beauty without kindness, for me - is not possible. Anastasia Ignatova.

Today's Uplift is inspired by the late Peter Lindbergh who is referred to as one of the greatest contemporary photographers who captured the humanity of beauty. He photographed three Pirelli Calendars with 2016 (2017 edition) called Emotional.

Pirelli's shift to redefine how women were portrayed was evident in the 2017 calendar - “it conveys personality, sensitivity and the guts to be yourself”, Peter Lindbergh explained at the international press launch of the new calendar in Paris.

The creation "Emotional", aim was "not shoot a calendar about perfect bodies but to capture sensitivity and emotion, laying bare the souls of the women in the images, rendering them more naked that a nude."

Dame Helen Mirren (71 years) “The Pirelli calendar today is looking at women, not simply to do with their literal beauty, but more to do with their power in the world, their presence, their personality, their influence.” Daily Mail, 2016



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