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One strong voice to transform your life

No one else can live your life for you or through you. No one knows exactly what you need to flourish. But you do.

The law of attraction can be described as a powerful law of the universe. Imagine if this law was always working for your highest good. The more you understand that you can attract what you desire, the more energy you infuse into the law of attraction.

As you remember how to cultivate YOUR ONE STRONG VOICE, you attract more of what you do want into your life.

This is mirrored by how you stand firmly in your true nature as your own woman - seen and heard.

How do you cultivate your one strong voice?

The law of attraction has an opposite called Risk. What if it doesn't work? What will others think of me? All the matured fears rise to the surface in an effort to keep the authentic self under wraps. It's called preservation. No risk arrives without the determination to be seen and heard in your best light and in your own right of a woman.

Self-Talk: One of the remedies for creating space for feminine awareness is this:

Talk to Risk. As strange as this may sound. Pause for a moment and consider that you are already listening to the voice of risk and doubt. It is likely to be very familiar. Tell your Risk self that you will come back and listen for what it has to say but for now ... you have work to do. This is your first adventure into activating your authentic voice.

Stay the course: Rediscovering your one strong voice is a process of REMEMBRANCE.

First to consciously recall what you believe about yourself as a woman. No judgement.

You attract what you think you are and believe. Therefore it is lovingly imperative to know what you are saying and believing.

Flip it willingly. Sensitive, tuned in, intelligent women adopt willingness as one of their tools for change. Willingness is having an attitude of openness to try new things. Willingness powers up the emotions of adventure and play. For women reestablishing their feminine power, both are needed. Here, you are flipping old beliefs into new possibilities.

Repetition gets you to your goal. Just as negative repetition denys you experiencing your one strong voice; positive reinforcement amplifies your true nature. Expressing your authentic point of view becomes the more obvious choice.

Follow a tried and true structure. No real change happens in isolation. To have a strong voice that allows you to lead your life - you need an audience. That means coming out of the shadows of preservation and being willing to try something new. Following the breadcrumbs aka structure is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself when cultivating your authentic voice. A personal development program that gives you the -do this then do that steps means you don't worry about the how. When you also have the partnership of a coach or guide, you are seen, heard and appreciated.

Now, you have the environment to rise strong and flourish as your kind of woman in the world.

Accept your true nature. As you continue to acknowledge the law of attraction at work in your own life, you are also accepting your true nature.

Acceptance is strength - Claim your power - Receive the abundance waiting for you.

Anna Schaumkel is the founder of Conversations for women and mentors the six month Goddess program.

Reach out to Anna to find out more at


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