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Healing your spirit in the feminine

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Your ambitious and consider you have good morals. You give your best (even if the work isn't what you want to do). You're quite the visionary and have so many ideas.

You're the type of woman who can stand up for herself but then worry about what people will think. You are serious, funny and determined to be helpful. If you're honest, you know in your heart there is something more for you to do.

If only you had the time and the self-belief to figure this out. This feeling can be overwhelming inn the quiet hours of the night. Then in the morning you are back to doing what needs to be done.

Regardless of how challenging life becomes, you push on. You adapt to what the world expects of you. It is common for women just like you to confess: ‘I lost myself somewhere along the way’.

Take a step back and listen

To listen to the inner calling in your heart, you first need balance. You need both the masculine attributes and the feminine qualities in balance. The masculine attributes are structure, accountability, strategy and Do It attitude. The feminine is collaboration, creativity, potentiality (dreaming), intuition and love.

The inner voice is the calling of your feminine spirit and she wants to balance the scales. Learning how to actively listen is the most important step for rediscovering your feminine side.

Embodying the fullness of who you are as a woman is a state of wholeness

Keep in mind that the objective is to create balance for you to hear the calling in your heart. You may not have the full picture as yet. By inviting an intimate conversation in the feminine you are teasing out that knowing that there is 'something more for you'.


Willingness: Adopting a willingness to try something new. The ‘I Wonder’ Mindset. Instead of accepting the status quo, adopt an attitude of willingness to imagine possibilities not yet entertained. The feminine spirit thrives on creativity and imagination. The masculine element is more focused on one way and achieving with guts and will.


Write on your bedroom or bathroom mirror the following with your favorite lipstick:

I wonder what, I wonder who xox


As you read this, you can add your question such as:

I wonder what my heart is asking me to open to?

I wonder who can help me with my quest?

Add a dose of masculine energy.

Love your masculine up by adding a to do by setting a journal by the mirror and immediately writing any insights you receive.

The I Wonder Mindset trains your mind to look outside of your known zone and busy day to day life. It is limitless for the questions you can ask.

Becoming intimately aware of who you are as a woman cultivates an environment for your feminine spirit to be heard. And with it comes a whole new appreciation of who you are as a woman and what you have to contribute.

You will fall in love with being your kind of woman in a feminine way.

Anna Schaumkel is the creator of the Personal Growth Course - Goddess as a woman.

For more information, connect with Anna,



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