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Goddess - in your toolbox lives Divine Intelligence.

In HR terms we refer to D.I as a set of soft skills that can be learnt or developed. I beg to differ.

D.I are natural attributes we seek to REMEMBER. D.I Reminds us that we are more than doers, we are strategists forging new pathways to role model a more loving way to be, act and believe.

For awhile there(think a few centuries) we have been dishonoured for being sensitive and loving.

To find our way back and lead a revolution of collaboration we purposely answer the call of what the world wants from us (and what we want from us) - our ‘soft skills’.

This is a journey of trust, structure and strategic alliances.

We learn how to power up the fertile ground of our essence and lovingly contribute to the greater whole. We can all benefit from a roadmap to lead us forward. Come join us in Goddess. Find out more here

Goddess is a one on one mentor ship for personal growth and contribution.


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