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Confident - Feminine - Empowered

Women in their 40's, 50's and 60's are searching for a new self-expression. One that honors their sensitive qualities and encourages their intuitive nature. Secretly, these women believe that they are here to be influencers for good in the world. Some may say a force. There is a yearning the answer the call and more than this, rise.

It became apparent to Anna that a majority of the women she had the privilege to mentor were searching for something intangible.

Although they didn’t admit it out loud, they knew they were wired differently from others.

They were deep thinkers, had a sensitive nature and took things to heart. They perceived the world from a creative perspective. They had measurable success in their lives and would give beyond reason.

The No Go Zone

Beneath the need to give, expectations exhaustion, fear of speaking up and not fitting in, there resided a void. A no-go zone. These courageous women wanted to go there, without knowing why or how or even what this void was. What they felt was a distant hum in the background of life, always present but not visible. They searched, invested and educated themselves. Like Anna, these women tried many avenues.

Why Tradition Models of Personal Development Don't Work

Traditional models of personal development focus on what is wrong. There are strategies, accountability and goals to fix the known problems.

Sensitive women discover that they can do the work but it depletes their life force called energy. What these women wanted was sufficient space to tune in and think, express ideas, and recalibrate. They wanted a way to create life on their terms.

Feminine Awareness Learning to deeply listen to the voice of your woman is an intimate enquiry.

You receive valuable knowledge and understanding about you as a woman. There is a budding sense of empowerment that comes with this state of gentle awareness. All healing revolves around the capacity to listen to your truth.

It takes bravery to entertain your feminine spirit, even if you know this is what you have been craving all along.

This style of Personal Development is structured but not linear. For a woman endeavouring to rediscover her feminine, it works.

  • There is time to find your rhythm,

  • acknowledge your truth and

  • reestablish values that match who you want to be in the world.

As you become familiar with your feminine woman, you are remembering that life experience is your choice.

As a feminine woman, mindful choices are often led by intuition. Decisive action is the outpouring of clear boundaries. All of which empowers confidence to be your authentic self.

Goddess is a mentorship program for women to establish feminine confidence and create life on their terms. Contact Anna for details.


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