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Confidence expands as you align with your feminine values.

This is a conversation about the strong-hold of messaging through social and cultural influences that impact what you believe about yourself. I am referring to your personal values. More importantly, investigating if those values you hold are deeply embedded in your heart or are adopted from someone else. Having the understanding of what stirs your heart are signposts for navigating your life with clarity.

What I know from working with 100’s of women in the awareness coaching space is this, when you intimately know who you are, the values you hold are in harmony with how you live in life. Equally, when you are unaware of the values that shape you, life can be hard. Almost as if you are battling to live by another’s standards. At times you feel a fraud because what you think you believe isn’t in alignment with your soul truth. Clarity and confidence expand when you honour both your external expression and your internal knowing. To do this, you must come into conscious relationship with your masculine attributes of getting things done and your feminine skills of collaboration and intuition.

Admittedly, there hasn’t been space for the feminine to claim her power in a patriarchal world. What has been rewarded are the values of wealth, what you have plus your achievements. All three represent a masculine approach to values. Wealth, what you have and even your achievements come and go. Each of these values are reliant on something happening out-there or another’s acceptance.

This is only part of the puzzle for showing up whole and fulfilled in your life. Feminine values deeply connect you to potentiality, creativity, faith. And Belonging.

You can experience a stronger sense of divine connection and belonging to yourself. And with this comes the intention to step into your calling. The one that has been on the back-burner for so long, it's almost forgotten. Now you are remembering that you don’t need to wait for someone’s permission. You give it to yourself and set about becoming a divine woman on purpose. Imagine what your life can be like as you adore a focus that honours purpose, enjoyment and, still give you the rewards to live an abundant life. Can you feel something stirring as you read this?

Here's a feminine approach to defining your values (and step into your calling) in 5 steps. This is a beautiful exercise that can be engaged in alone or with 2 – 3 friends. Just for this exercise, put aside your current values. Write them down, place in an envelope and come back to them later.

1. I recommend that you research core-values as a starting point. James Clear, author of Atomic Habits has a values list on his website,

2. Place yourself in a quiet space where you can journal uninterrupted for 30 minutes. With your pencil (or pen), go through the values list and mark (F) for feminine value, and (M) for masculine. You need to follow your gut instinct here, however as a guide, remember that feminine in inherent to your nature and belongs to you whilst masculine needs a form of validation. Fame would be (M), Inner Harmony (F).

3. Choose 5-6 from the values list. To cultivate your feminine strengths, play with having 3 feminine values. Once chosen, share friends.

4. You are about to dive into your divine connection with your values list. Write about how your feminine values are incorporated into your life. If you have only discovered this (F) value, tap into your inner knowing. I’ve done this part 3 – 4 times until I felt I was speaking/writing form my heart space. Repeat the process with your masculine. You need both the feminine and masculine for anything to unfold and expand.

5. I am inviting you now to get very familiar with your values over the next 7 days. Each has a feminine aspect and a masculine. The feminine will call you inwards and the masculine aspect wills you to take action. Get to know them as you would a new friend. Stay aware and invent ways to incorporate them into your daily life. Best you can, connect to the feeling state that is associated with your values working through you.

6. (BONUS) Imagination is good friends with the feminine. Allow yourself to feel confident. When you are ready, commit your dreams to your journal. You know the dreams that have you positively impact your corner of the world with creativity and love. Write everything down and add the values (from your list) that will help you get there. Believe it. Hold the faith. You are on the right path.

If this speaks you, and you are ready for more support to awaken your feminine and flourish on your true heart path, know that we are here for you. It’s difficult to make big changes on your own and so much easier with encouragement. Let's chat. You can book a free exploratory call with us and together we can look at the best options to expand your confidence so you can launch your dreams.

I hope this has been helpful for reconnecting with your feminine values and your full-hearted self. Until next time, keep believing that your dreams are needed in the world and so are you. xo Anna

Anna Schaumkel is the founder of The Goddess As A Woman Growth

programs and works with gentle, ambitious women to confidently make a positive impact in the world with art, coaching and love leadership.


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