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Can you elevate your self-worth.

Do you notice how easy it is to be distracted in your life? Best laid plans for your well-being go unattended. You can be distracted by busy, others needs, exhaustion.

In the awareness process we call this a Values Crisis. You may have the best intentions to look after your well-being and yet somehow this goes on the back-burner.

Spend time writing a list of your values - the elements of living a life you love and are important to you. This may include health, contribution, being fulfilled in career, family.

Once your list is completed, enter each value on a calendar day. Fill up a full month even if you have to repeat your values. Set an alert to mindfully remember to check-in how this value shows up or not in your life.

By writing and recording your values, you are more AWARE to ATTRACT the mindset and program worthiness. Awareness is the key to elevate self-worth.


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