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Silence is golden or suffer in silence?

In an earlier post, I referred to my winning formula for survival - be quiet, be good, be independent. Being quiet did not stop me from voicing my opinion as anyone who knows me will attest. My unconscious priority was safety which equaled being accepted, valued and loved. When safety was threatened, I defaulted to my winning formula.

This form of silence is not peaceful.

It takes a lot of work to mentally ascertain what and who is safe, in fact it is exhausting. From my experience and the women I have had the privilege to work with over nine years, silence is our biggest stumbling block. Now we are searching for ways to express our love and our truth without selling ourselves short personally and professionally. This is how we shift the needle from 95% unconscious to being more conscious and breaking our cycle of suffering.

Suffering in silence is a life sentence and our personal prison.

For me, it was not speaking up about abusive behavior in relationship. It was normal to be quiet. The emotional toll striped me of my self-esteem and it was a long road back to recovery. Remember my survival strategies? You will notice by now my winning formula wasn't working. I was locked in with patterns of behavior developed from childhood.

That's why I mentor people through the Enhances Awareness programs. EAP isn't the only key that can unlock the door of your personal prison but it is a Master Key proven to open many locks. If I can guide one person at a time to escape from their prison and heal without experiencing what I went through, then my experiences serve a purpose. My experiences become my gift and I am truly grateful.

Suffering doesn't have to be permanent.

Guidance is right here. Do you know of someone who is searching for their freedom? Reach out for a chat - Because we are all worth it. XO


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