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Prep your day as a PR Person

Choose to prep your day day your way. Taking personal responsibility (PR) for how, is the choice with huge benefits. You are energized, centered and present. As important, you are not starting your day on someone else's agenda. You have control with loving awareness of your needs. Here are three steps to Prep Your Day as a PR Person.


1. Enjoyable - Find the time that is supportive to you. I split my prep by having my quiet time early. After morning responsibilities, I am ready to lift my energy. 2. Doable - Keep it simple. Whatever you choose, keep it to 5 - 10 minutes until you become more practiced. 3. Shareable - Sharing with others keeps us accountable around being good to ourselves. We all learn from each other.


1. Dance to a favorite song.

2. Do a Sudoku. crossword, brain game.

3. Write in your journal.

4. Meditate.

5. Physical exercise - walk, run, yoga

6. Play with your pets.

7. Sit in your car and enjoy the silence.

8. Create a mind movie and watch it.

9. Watch an inspirational video.

10. Go for coffee.

11. Hula hoop.

12. Set aside time to get ready (no rushing allowed).

13. Sing put loud to inspirational songs.

14. Create your sound track and then play it.

15. Repeat after me - practice your mantra and feel it.

16. Make your lunch with love (this is a life changer).

17. Write yourself a love note and post it where you can see it.

18. Call a conscious friend.

19. Put on a 6 minute meditation on breathing.

20. Wear your favorite item of clothing.


Prep your day as a PR Person and you are rewiring your brain.

Here, Dr Jo Dispenza explains how.


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