21 Reasons right - uplift the feminine

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Have there been times when you've wondered why you don't speak to yourself in the same loving way as you converse with friends? Maybe you hear the hard edge in your self-talk and just can't stop it.

What if I shared with you that self-talk is a habit. If you are in your 30's, 40's, 50's, your self talk habit is well rehearsed. Repetition of any belief over a period of time becomes reality.

If you only knew how to be kind and loving towards yourself, and taught to be kind and loving, there would be no place for negativity. You wouldn't be receptive to it, negative self talk is outside of your reality.

Like-wise, if you were more attuned to hearing negative comments about yourself from an early age, it is highly likely that you have an unconscious habit of relating to yourself in this way.

You can shift how you talk to yourself. Creative, strong women need more space to think for themselves and come up with answers that align with their true nature. Conversations for women embrace important conversations as an intimate dialogue. Conversations such as the narrative and image you have about yourself. One of the most popular conversations is in the desire to 'know myself better'.

We inherently know that there is more to us, and if we can recognize and then overcome the fears that hold us back, we are unstoppable. More than that, our overcoming becomes the contribution to uplift and support another. It's the butterfly effect...we make the change internally and it lovingly impacts far and wide.

Loving Intent

The feminine spirit houses the caring, collaborative, intuitive qualities of being a woman (and a heart-centered man). The masculine attributes include drive, actions, accountability and structure.

To shift any habit requires the structure and action of the masculine alongside the curious enquiry of the feminine.

Maintaining a new habit is having the intent to choose lovingly. Intent is backed up with knowledge and understanding (a) what is the narrative now (b) How you imagine your self talk can be more kind and uplifting. (c) Uplifting the spirit in the feminine does require a strategy that works for you and repetition. It is also likely that it is something you have not considered before. Appreciating how the masculine attributes and feminine qualities both serve, realigns balance. Ultimately, this is what you are seeking, internal balance that is reflected in your spirit and new life experience.

Moving into Balance

Feminine Awareness Learning to deeply listen to the voice of your feminine is an intimate enquiry. You are open to receive valuable knowledge and understanding about you as a woman. There is a budding sense of empowerment that comes with the state of gentle awareness.

Passionate mindful It takes bravery to entertain your feminine spirit, even if this is what you have been craving all along. As you become familiar with your feminine, you remember that you choose your life experience. As a feminine woman, mindful choices are often led by intuition (and passion).

Effort to Effortlessness At first it takes effort to be feminine aware and mindful. There is a grace period of unlearning the hard edges of unkind habits. Patience and willingness are good companions to have on the journey. These elements inspire new ways to be in your feminine. You can be you kind of Woman by activating loving choices in how you think, feel, desire and experience life. Effort Now – Loving Rewards Later.

from Goddess, conversations as a woman by Anna Schaumkel

For You

Lifting the spirit of the feminine

Choose an A4 sheet of lined paper or your favorite journal and head up the page:

21 Reasons right about me.

Each morning or last thing in the evening, write down ONE quality that you like about yourself. Please write it in 1 or 2 sentences. Do you best not to repeat the same quality.

Read the sentence(s) each day before adding the next reason.

Number the 21 Reasons 1 - 21.