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Switch on one of your best assets - intuition

Personal Growth expands awareness. The more personally aware you are of your unique skill-set the more confident you become in following your truth. One way to expand awareness is by switching on one of your best assets, your intuition.

The benefit of switching on your intuition is discovering you had your best answers all along.

Intuition is more than the connection with the ‘small inner voice’. As you accept it - intuition is a roar! This is not something outside of you that ‘comes in’.

On the contrary, intuition is a Feminine Skill Set that ripens with being present - in the moment - here - now.

Intuition has no boundaries and therefore gives us an opportunity to witness who we are, beyond the physical form, self doubt and worry over of what others will think.

Intuition can be experienced as gut feelings, nudges, heightened awareness of surroundings, observing repetitive signs, premonitions and more.
Intuition is always kind and always in your best interests.

Intuition is a sought after skill.

It is often referred to as one of the ‘soft skills’ (alongside emotional intelligence and communication skills). Hundreds of books have been written on how to learn soft skills.

The feminine doesn't need to learn intuition. Instead, remember this incredible, built in skillset.

Cultivating your Intuition is Healing.

In so many ways, women are subtly told to be silent, follow the line and look pretty.

This makes it challenging to be expressive and allow yourself to stand in your beauty.

By cultivating your intuition and learning to trust what you sense and experience - you are overcoming the old programming.

The more you embrace your magnificence with your feminine, the stronger you feel about yourself as a woman - your kind of woman.


This week I invite you to play with one of your finest assets - your intuition. Here's two ways to switch on your intuition.


One of the most simple and lovingly effective ways to wake up your intuition is: ‘Telling the time’. It’s fun, non evasive and its likely to be something you are already doing.

The power of three.

Three times a day, check what time it is.

Close your eyes, this is important because you want to lock down your receptors to hear your intuition.

ASK: Ok intuition - what time is it now. Breathe in and exhale out. This is your waiting period. Go with your first answer. Write it down, then check it with your clock/phone. THANK YOU: Always acknowledge the connection - right or wrong.

There is a whole lotta of fear and ego to overcome such as I have to get this right. No you don’t.

You simply have to turn up the volume by remembering this skill set is within.

You are working on being present - listening, and expressing your truth!

(2) Connect with a friend.

Switch on your intuition’ is a short course that women love. There is a sense of collaboration and feminine boldness.

One Tool - is to have one person choose an object that the other person then describes.

The person who is switching on - closes her eyes and receives the object.

The person who chooses the object scribes everything the ‘switch on’ person is saying to describe the object.

Switch on Your Intuition Questions.

  • What Shape is this object?

  • Can you describe the colour?

  • What does it taste like?

  • Can you describe it’s smell?

  • What is the sound?

  • Anything else you want to add.

Once done, share your experience and then swap, using a new object.

I look forward to hearing how this playful, feminine awareness Uplift goes this week.

Have fun and remember - soft skills are naturally part of your feminine.

Anna Schaumkel is a Personal Growth Mentor for ambitious, business minded women. 


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