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Creating Your Pleasurable Vision

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Maybe it's because my momma was French and embodied her feminine nature or that I lived in an Italian Village and experienced being adored as a woman; that I believe in the power of feminine for the greater good.

Potent Illusion

I realize that there are mountains to climb because there is so much invested in the illusion that as women - we can never be enough.

The Global Beauty Industry estimated at US532billion Business (Forbes 2019). We need this cream or that exercise or told not to talk to loud or we are led to believe we are too bossy, overly emotional, or act like a man and we should learn to know our place.

Bitter, Sweet Outlook

It's no wonder that it escapes us to stop and consider our intrinsic worth as women.

Yes, I appreciate that I am painting a bitter, sweet outlook on how the world perceives women. But isn't it tiring, all the second guessing and overthinking to get it right for others?

Perhaps you're even afraid to let people see your feminine side? Maybe you're like me, in the past, being feminine received unwanted sexual attention. Back then, my fear of being taken advantage of, would override honoring my sensuality and pleasure.

I experience myself differently now - and I choose not to have the past does not have to influence my future.

The sweet is the pleasurable vision we define for ourselves. It is the discovery that the finer elements of feminine such as intuition, collaboration, boundless love and creativity have incredible value. Coupled with the strengths of structure and accountability soon lifts the veil on the illusion how we think 'we should be'.

This was a client's experience. Kym was no longer willing to accept the push-pull of others expectations (because it hurt her gentle nature). It was the sadness that Kym was feeling that led her to do something about it.

"I used to be someone who did what people asked me to do even if I wasn't happy. Now I do what is right for me and that still makes people happy. It has lifted the veil and what I thought I needed to do and this freedom is priceless". Kym

This is what I believe in my heart:

the powerbase for every woman resides in having ownership over her feminine qualities and balancing the masculine attributes. You learn to embrace both, appreciate your worth and even fall in love with being your kind of woman (just as Robbie, a client did after struggling for so long).

" change has come from seeing myself through the eyes of love and choice. When I change, life and relationships respond in kind. I am pursuing my passions now, and I have the tools to navigate my life challenges and joys". Robbie.

I am sharing a little of Kym's and Robbie's story because when we hear another woman tell her story of success, our intuition sparks and we think ' I can do this too'.


You can start with creating a PLEASURABLE VISION for yourself. What you place on paper becomes real.

Here's a good starting place:

Head up the page - My Pleasurable Vision

  • Ask yourself the most important questions. You may like to do this with your bestee girlfriend:

  • What is feminine to you? Talk it out and then make your list. It may include qualities such as being tactile, sensual, clear communicator, forgiving etc.

  • You are only having a conversation with the feminine qualities for now.

  • Once you have your list, circle the top three that represent aspects of you.

  • Write them on an A4 sheet of paper.

Allow yourself to be bold, sensual and true

Over the week, find images that represent these qualities. Stick them on your A4 sheet or place symbols next to your Pleasurable Vision. Place the A4 Vision somewhere where you can see it daily. Make it priority to pause and read, touch, absorb.

There is much more to discover with creating a PLEASURABLE VISION. This is a taste of the 'how' to honor your essence because you have been doing other things. For this week, you are gently allowing yourself to remember your truth - who you are as a woman.

What part of this conversation speaks to you?

What part speaks to you? Is it Potent Illusion? Bitter Sweet Outlook? What I believe or Your Pleasurable Vision?

I'd love to hear your point of view. You are welcome to comment right here on this blog or email me

Until next time, live in pleasure

Anna xo

(ps) would you like help with your pleasurable vision? Reach out and we can set up a time to get acquainted and explore your vision. You can find me here

Anna is an ambassador for the betterment of women, and founder of Conversations for women in a feminine way.

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