Overcoming the fear of being seen.

This is the conversation that starts 'at the end'... How do you overcome the unspoken fears of being recognized for who you truly are?

Answer- Don't try to do it alone -

It almost seems easier to hide as a woman with opinions, a woman with ideas - great ideas and a woman who secretly believes that you can help others. Soothe the struggles of others and show them an easier path towards confidence, clarity and purpose.

But - that feeling that you could allow yourself to shine doesn't go away...

Your opinions and great ideas can be the catalyst for change that someone is looking for. You could be that someone with your form of miracle dust that can help someone find love, break-through old habits or follow their passions.

The thing is we all know we can be our worse enemy, (remember we spoke about the inner critic in what makes you happy makes you bold). The personal narrative can press its weight against the door of our dreams. Even with out best intentions to change, going it alone will only get us so far, and it's slow...and painful.

Maybe you think it's safer to go it alone but is it really?

I thought like that (and so have most of my amazing clients). What I know for sure is that ambitious, creative women thrive together.

As we experience empowering conversations that promote each person to be heard, recognised and appreciated - we bond. We see ourselves through the eyes of each other and all we want is the best for each other. Love is a big component. It's almost as if sacred community gives you permission to fail faster ... so that you show up truer. You have the confidence to be seen because YOU like who you are as a woman. Take a leap of faith in this week's inspirational tool to set you on your path of overcoming fear of being seen.

Finally, I know that personal growth isn't always easy and that it takes courage.

I have my own mentor to guide me. I hope that you can take the fears and place them at the door of someone that knows the way through. You deserve to be seen as the real you and be the guide for others that only you can be.

Is this something that you would like to do too? If so let's chat.

with love Anna

I love this pic of Natalie, Tracy (and I) as you can see their happiness as they started to share their visions during the workshop. First by allowing themselves to voice their visions with each other, and then following the practical process to map it on paper. This is how you too can overcome the fear of being seen.


Be Your Personal PI

PI = Personal Investigator. Over the next week, could you be courageous enough to ask you trusted family and friends about you? The emphasis is on people you trust have your best interests at heart.

This was an exercise I was given as part of a leadership program way back in the 1990's. It works! You will discover things about yourself that you would never have thought of. When you hear the truth from others, you may be surprised!

Here's how:

Ask five people the following question.

What do you consider I am good at?

Wait for the answer...

Say thank you. Gratitude is a high form of love and appreciation.