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What makes you happy makes you bold

Where is your happy place?

Mine is in nature. Sipping wine with a my love under the canopy of trees, flowing across the still waters on my water-ski, climbing mountains, walking barefoot in morning dew or reading out-loud with a friend on the sand.

What is it about this place that pulsates happiness?

I made the distinction recently that climbing mountains is where I surrender, release and heal. Being in or close to water is where I create and pay attention to my collaboration with source. Mostly it is where I get to be quiet and reconnect with the Divine and I love this.

What has to be overcome?

(and overcome when in your happy place).

All the external noise of others opinions, my self-doubt and fears (disguised as the inner critic and very, very loud).

In 2018, I walked the Camino Franc'e through Spain. An enchanting, physically challenging, soul journey across mountains, through villages and staying in simple, shared accommodation. Each day is a mystery waiting to unfold with unknown terrain and strangers who become instant friends. One moment across the zero degrees morning mountains, a man joined me and placed his hand on my shoulder. In Spanish he asked "are you ok?" I was crying you see, releasing sadness that had been with me for so long, it no longer had a name. It was just in me. The wind was fierce and we leaned in close to speak with each other.

This was the morning that my heart broke open to meet the compassion and kindness of my companion. I experienced unconditional love. This too, I had forgotten was in me as it is in all of us. Deep, unconditional love and compassion waiting to burst forth as soon as there is an opening.

We never saw each other again, this man and I, and yet here I am sharing this moment with you, 3 years on. I believe that the whole world is open to you when you allow yourself to be heard and seen. You don't have to climb physical mountains like I do.

To move past your fears of showing up as the beautiful woman you are, there will be internal mountains to climb. Just as I didn't know there was sadness with no name, you too, will discover things that have held you back from being happy. It will cultivate a boldness in you because this is what internal happiness does.

It silences the inner critic.

It is likely that you already know this about yourself. When you experience happiness in yourself - you become unstoppable. You see yourself in a new light. All you want to do is be that hand on the shoulder for another and walk them into a future to love too.

Love Anna

P.S. The challenges are overcome and dreams achieved when you are witnessed in community and with a guide. I spent one year training for the Camino with my local walking group. You don't have to do it alone (even when you think you can do it on your own). If you dream of stepping through your stops and showing up as your kind of woman, we can help in one conversation. Click on the button below and book a free Discovery Call. I look forward to meeting you here.


Pin Up - One Impossible - Now Possible

My camino photo is on my vision board. It reminds me that something quite impossible was achieved.

By placing a photo of YOU and your once impossible - now possible acts as a REMINDER that you can achieve beyond your fears. Visual representation is extremely powerful to reprogram your heart and mind.

My invitation is to have a minimum of 3 photos that represent your achievements. These could be sports, completing a creative project, learning a language, overcoming fear of water, starting a business etc.

ADD a description (this can be on a post-it note) on how you did it. Such as mine is: showing up to the weekly walks and taking advice from the experts.

This exercise gives you a new mindset blue-print.

This is particularly valuable for someone who has to see it before they believe it.

Journal - what makes you happy makes you bold.

These three questions are for you to listen to your inner knowing. As you become more familiar with the value of your happy place, you will naturally find time to be here. By being here, you are in fact stating you are worthy of happiness. You don't have to search far as you know the answers.

  • Where is your happy place?

  • What is it about this place that pulsates happiness for you?

  • What do you overcome (feel, believe) when you are in your happy place?

Happy Client Share

Before I worked with Anna, I was anxious and unhappy with the way our life (or what I thought was our destiny) was heading. Everything seemed to fit in the 'too hard basket'. I didn't really know what to expect from doing the awareness work and soon discovered it was getting to know the real me. For example, I didn't realise that I wasn't communicating with my husband about how I was truly feeling or thinking about financial stressors.

During the program with Anna, my self-awareness and self-belief sky-rocketed.

This is a well constructed and easy to follow program. I became more peaceful and observant of what was happening around me. My thinking about things became very clear. Anna gave me tools to work with for every day situations.

Anna is an amazing listener and I swear at times she knew me better than I knew myself. By the end of the course I am very clear about what I value most (and not what I thought I valued), and I know myself a gazillion times better. My communication is honest and we (my husband and I) share our intentions for our future. I have learnt not to fear others opinions and that by listening to others actually serves me. I am free, bolder and so grateful for the valuable life lessons.

Mich, Australia.


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