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Plentiful Love inspired Action starts with a Yes.

Plentiful Love inspired Action starts with a Yes, I'm in.

This is the energy of p.l.a.y. You take a leap of faith and gain a wealth of knowledge and understanding of what you, dear Goddess are capable of achieving. Your qualities of intuition, foresight, compassion and collaboration become the pillars that lead you forward. Being your authentic self, taking ownership of your unique qualities, doing what you love and contributing as a natural self expression.

What is referred to as 'soft skills' are now being recognized as having enormous value in the workplace, education, communities and leadership. There is so much room for you now to show up.


Earlier in the week you were encouraged to write the question 'what am I really good at that I keep a secret? If you missed it - check the post - Best Kept Secret.

Over the next 3-7 days, you can expand this awareness by keeping a list of your qualities.

Most likely you have a notebook of some description with you at all times or have a note app on your phone. Write the quality then add a description of how you use your best kept secrets.

Knowledge is empowering. Understanding why gives momentum.

If you are a bit stuck, please start with the four pillars of intuition, foresight, compassion and collaboration.


  • Intuition - I go with my gut feeling. If something doesn't have a good gut feel, I am more cautious, take my time.

  • Foresight - Is my way of intuitive planning ahead.

  • Compassion - Is how I express my love often for a stranger. I may just listen.

  • Collaboration - Helps me to be compassionate and use my intuition. There is a greater sense of belonging and achievement in true collaboration.

Deepen your experience for growth and contribution - go here:


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