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Sacred Gift - Know thyself as a woman

The most sacred gift you can give is to intimately know yourself and not be afraid of what is revealed. Then that you are able to make choices that honor and respect your unique nature and essence as a woman.

As human beings we mostly experience life through our senses, smell, sight, feelings, sensations, touch, intuition to name a few. All of which can be filtered through the feminine and masculine characteristics. What has become apparent from the data of Anna’s research is that the feminine can be lost or diminished.

Sensitive women in particular develop skills early in life to cope with the demands of others expectations. As suggested, women already have a subconscious attunement for masculine characteristics to survive (and stay hidden). Whilst overcompensating in the masculine, sensitive women burn through their energy a lot quicker than others. It is not uncommon to be exhausted as sensitive, feminine women work hard to keep up and succeed in today’s world. Dr Elaine Aron’s research indicates that highly sensitive people can expel 80% of their time trying to think, act, feel, and be what others expect.

Intimate enquiry with your feminine is not often explored in a structured process. However structure is what gives the feminine woman freedom to explore. Do this then do that works when there is a beginning, middle and destination. The destination for The Goddess is to know thyself as a intuitive, gentle woman. Confident, Empowered, Feminine.

The Power of three:

To know thyself as a woman requires a level of intimacy. Takes some time with your journal and pens to answer the following 3 questions. Do your best not to judge yourself or others as you engage with this intimate enquiry. All healthy relationships require time and listening. Here you are inviting feminine awareness into a healthy relationship with yourself as a woman.

  • How do you like to be acknowledged? Touch, affirmation, demonstration.

  • Why is it important for you as a woman to be acknowledged this way?

  • How do you show your love? Show it, tell it or maybe hide it. No judgement.

Over three days ask the same questions again. You will be asking the questions 3 times over 3 days. Once complete, read all entries.

What is one aspect of your intimate discovery that you would like to explore further.

Next blog we explore the steps for creating life with clarity and wisdom.

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