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A New Trend of Women Role Models

What is most striking about this trend is the appearance of Gentle Women.

At first, gentle women may appear as reserved and somewhat reluctant to speak up. They may be trying to put down their masculine armor and are pained at doing so. They are prolific seekers for knowledge.

Gentle women’s natural way is to embrace divine intelligence, lead with compassion and seek out strategic alliances. Their warrior energy is divinely feminine.

Inner listening is the connector to divine intelligence. It may come in the form of intuition, creativity, voice and movement. Having been underground for so long. It is with trepidation they are seen and shine in the light but be seen they must.

When we release this feminine aspect and cultivate our true essence, we restore balance; within ourselves, in our relationships and in our communities. We take care of our Mother Nature and all her creatures. We celebrate life.

Take a breath … you don’t have to do it all.
Bringing internal balance,
in of itself adds to the greater whole.
As balance is restored, there is a desire to share your knowledge
and stand for those you love to have the same.
This is the full circle of Goddess returned in her wisdom and her service.

To bring You, the Goddess into the light, you are asked to expand your knowing and discover what is possible. Personal growth invites an intimate enquiry into being your kind of woman. Growth prepares your vessel to receive Goddess. You remember your womanliness and warrior. Both serve to make a difference in how you effect change within yourself and as a role model for others.


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