Lowering your expectations for success

To be more empowered by your self image requires time, commitment and focus.

You are probably thinking – what time? I get it, really I do. Some days my frustration is due to interruptions and having to change hats from work to others and then somehow get back to work again. If I’m really honest though, the frustration is more about having soft boundaries and putting my needs at the back of everyone else’s. I am learning:)- You might relate to this too. In the next Uplift newsletter, I am having a conversation about that very thing – Understanding the pleasing habit.

For today, the conversation is about empowering your self-image by lowering your expectations.

What do I mean by that? Ambitious, creative women who see the world differently generally have high expectations of what they can do or what they should be doing. They are on emotional alert around people and this leads to an unconscious state of low-level stress. They often feel awkward about how they present themselves. They worry about sharing to much or not saying enough; and then ruminate on what they should have said. All the while wearing the masculine mask that smiles at the world, I’m ok.

If people do upset them, it’s likely they will freeze that person out with the look or ignore them completely. By separating out, they are able to protect themselves. To what cost? The other side of self-protection isn't openness, it is contribution, love, vitality. Connection signals emotions of worthiness.

The thing is... ambitious, creative women don't show themselves when in a state of constant, low-level stress. And it steals their joy. It's impossible to feel happy when in stress. It's equally difficult to take action when in a place of separation. Contribution? Forget it. All their energy is being used to stay alert.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Start at the beginning

For any change to work - you first have to show up. Take that one small step and stand at your place of beginning. Seek out the right guide and invest your time and energy as if your life depends on it...because in a way it does.

80/20 What you seek is outside of your known zone 80% of the time. This is also why change seems scary and people (particularly women) give up. It's not that we are not ABLE, it's because we haven't allowed ourselves to explore our true essence 80% of the time.

Here's an easy first step to breathe into, and then you can follow through with this week's inspirational tools.

Breathe in through your heart...pause and consider

Look at where you are right now in your life and appreciate what is working in your favour. BE KIND. No matter how challenging aspects of life can be, (BE WILLING) seek out the good around you. Look at the weather, good friends, your favorite expresso on a Sunday, having fun with pets, your favorite jumper. Make this a daily event you wouldn't miss.

Seek out the goodness in you.

This is very important.

Empowerment means "the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life...". Seeking out the good elevates your feminine spirit. The feminine thrives in collaboration and harmony. By focusing on this one thing, you are in effect uplifting your love energy and connection. How you do one thing is how you will do everything. Practice seeking the good and over time, your consciousness will allow more good in. It's the ripple impact of your mindset.

You deserve, you are worthy, you are love.

Lower your expectations especially if this is the first time you have taken a deep dive into discovering -who you are- and standing for yourself POWERFULLY. Explore what you want once you are in a place of awareness about - who you are -. [see the inspiration tools]. Lower your expectations on how long it will take to be consistent with believing in your new self-image -your becoming.

One limiting mindset block is believing you have to do it all now. This is a hurdle you can diminish by lowering your expectations to ultimately be successful.

The day you plant your seeds is not the day you harvest

the fruits of your labor.

It is better to be generous and patient whilst you find your rhythm and what works for you. If you push hard, you push inspirational out. You loose the connection with your inner divine and therefore remain in a place of separation & longing. Our data describes sustainable change as 18-24 month investment. Some things will click straight away and others take longer to develop and trust in your emergence.

Take in the view

Equally, if you have been whole-heartedly engaging in your personal growth,