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Going beyond your stops

One of the hardest parts of change is when you admit to yourself that

– things will change –

That job that saps your energy and patience.

The belief you’re in the wrong place or with the wrong person.

The lack of respect, acknowledgment, appreciation,

or the confusion on your steps.

These challenges are about to shift in your favor.

Suddenly on your quest to be happier, you discover

you can – be happier –

The signs are there such as:

Feeling angry passes through quicker.

You notice that you are more open and it’s ok.

How you speak to yourself is inspiring more often.

You accept compliments with pleasure.

People are more trustworthy (and you say no to ones that are not).

You allow yourself to believe that you matter, and you have value.

You even give yourself permission to speak up about your dreams.

It’s about this time that change becomes hard
because change of this nature isn’t a one-off.
It’s transformation.

When you realize that all the effort is reaping loving rewards,
you may feel as though you want to run away.

It’s sounds counterintuitive doesn’t it? It’s as if on one hand, you can’t deny the emergence of the woman you see in your mirror and yet; part of you is screaming to ‘this you’ to hold back.

Does this sound familiar?

Laying down the beliefs that you’ve had so long can be hard, especially when you sense that you could truly engage in life easy. Think about this for a minute.

Engage in life easy.

No more fighting for your place or going it alone.

Three request’s women hope to receive from working with me is: to have peace of mind, being appreciated and to know themselves better (clarity). When I dig a little deeper and ask what it means to know themselves, these women will quietly say, ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I just don’t seem to get it right, I’m not right’.

As you bravely have these intimate conversations – who am I as a woman, you may be … confronted with your old narrative. The one that has you at the end of the line of others importance. The one that has kept you in the shadows of your life – up to now -.

It may seem like a good idea at first to dive in.
In conversations for women, we refer to this as – LLI - Let Love In.

The truth is, everyone has a wobble in the conversations. When you truly are heard, challenged and appreciated, it can be daunting at first. Even hard to trust.

Maybe for the first time, you are discovering what you really want to say and choose who you want to be. You are being guided, not told. You are encouraged to come up with your rules.

All of this takes time to believe.

Slowly what you find is that your confidence is coming back. This is how you can heal.

You can sense victory because you are stitching together moments of peace.

You even start imagining how you will shine,

and you’re not afraid to speak up about this very thing.

Why the feeling of wanting to run away?

You are being asked to trust in something that hasn’t fully emerged yet – YOU. The authentic woman who is strong, sensual, opinionated, creative, feminine and ambitious and much more.

You know struggle.

To experience more happiness within yourself, to truly respect yourself - that’s new.

To imagine that there is a whole lot right about you, that takes resilience and one more thing…

Laying down struggle.
Let this part of you rest, let – her – go.

This is why change challenges your very core. It's as if you are throwing out your trusted friend, even if she is hurting you. Byron Katie has a quote ‘You can’t hurt me, that’s my job’. Byron is saying that nothing is happening outside of you. You hold the power.

When you get to this place in your quest to know yourself better, reach out to people who know how to transverse this moment successfully. It is one of the most important moments in your journey.

Expect the pull back,

take a breath and

take one more step

beyond your stops.

This is where the miracles begin.

For proof, you can LLI, check out the women who have done so with love and determination here

This week’s Inspirational tool - Going beyond your stops - supports you willingness to stay the course.

Anna xo

P.S. Not everyone is going to ‘get’ your determination to grow. Would you like to be in a community who cheer you on? Let’s chat. I invite you to book a free Get Acquainted Call with me and have a conversation on your best next steps.

John, Lynne and Belinda are super, gorgeous friends in Queenstown (and we support each others growth). We started out mentoring the same work and now do many different things which is great. So much to catch up on when we get together.

- Going beyond your stops -

The words healing and health have a similar meaning: restore to good health & make whole.

To go beyond your stops and heal, you need a clear sense of what you're aiming for. Is it healthier relationship with yourself, sense of worth or confidence to speak up (as examples). At present you are stopped (in a place of separation from your desired outcome).

Take some time to consider what you would dearly love to bring into a state of wholeness. Don't worry to much about why it is important or even how realistic it is. Be In-spirit (inspired) and put it out of your mind and onto paper so you can see it. This is a very important step for - going beyond your stops -.

There is no right or wrong. It's just a conversation between you and you:)-

Next: check in with your heart how important it is now. The heart has it's own mind and works in coherence with your body. When you want an accurate gage, go with your heart!

Level of importance

So, so - I'll get around to it some day.

It's important but other things take priority.

LLI - Premium importance, I am ready to let love in.

If it's a so-so, I invite you to go through the inspirational tool again. you're looking for something that makes your heart feel expanded (and yes, it can also feel a little scary).

If it's important but ... Ask yourself what would have to happen to move it to LLI.

If it's LLI ... Ask yourself, what would be the next step for you? Wait for the answer, it could take a few days.

When you are ready to take it a step further, let's chat. You are very welcome to schedule a chat with me here.

Happy Client Share

I decided to work with Anna to help me feel more inspired with my business. I knew it was harder than it had to be but I couldn't understand why. Anna was a client of mine so I knew I could trust her too. Although we worked on what I was willing to take on with my yoga practice, it was the insights I got about myself that made the biggest difference. I realised that I was a great teacher but wasn't sharing the real me with my clients. Anna suggested I focus on creating a community. One of the very simple things I took on was asking people about my service. What they liked and what I could improve on. This really helped build trust and loyalty. The real surprise was how my confidence grew as I accepted others acknowledgment and let them help me improve my service. I wasn't afraid of what they would say, I genuinely wanted to know and they felt that. I am so grateful for this experience.

Sarah, Australia

Extra Uplift's

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