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Clarity - heart intelligence - wisdom

Updated: Oct 3, 2019


Have you considered that clarity is a superpower? Truly, I believe that it is. You can't be stressed when you have clarity. You may notice that you feel a certain level of stress but having the superpower of clarity; you will rarely stand in it for long. It's just not that interesting anymore. There are better things to do with yourself such as practicing kindness, snoozing in the sunshine and creating a fulfilling future.


When you become more aware of sensing, clear thinking, listening and feelings, you dive into the heart. You feel so much more connected, energised and in the moment. This is where most of us want to be and what is most exciting is:

Clarity gives you a clearer mental perspective but it doesn't operate out of the mind, it comes from the heart.


Greg Braden speaks on heart intelligence. He has a great respect for humankind and God / Divine / Cosmos. In the work I do, I explain that:

Awareness is gathering information and also understanding the information.

This video is very helpful for learning more about your heart's capacity. And because you love to embrace and sustain your leanings, I have journal questions below the video to help you anchor in your understanding.

Greg Braden, American Author, has been named a New Thought Walden Award honoree for 2019. The Walden Awards honor those who use empowering spiritual ideas and philosophies to change lives and make our planet a better place


Step 1. Watch this 7 minute video. Click on the image or link here

Step 2. Answer the questions below to anchor your understanding (and build your superpower of clarity).

  • How would you describe heart intelligence.

  • Where in the body is the seat of our existence? Point to the place in your body?

  • How does Greg instruct us how to connect with this intelligence?

  • When you slow your breathing and focus in your heart, what is happening in your body.

  • How can you benefit from connecting with your heart intelligence (name one).


Step 3. Now that you are know what you know about clarity and heart intelligence, how would you most like to use this process (of heart intelligence). an you select a particular situation where you could benefit most?

AND LASTLY: Take a moment to place your hands over your heart and draw in loving kindness for yourself.



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