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It's my pleasure - nourishing your inner resource.

Pleasure - a condition of enjoyment from the old french word plesir. Sometimes we have to coax ourselves along the inner path of pleasure. Expectations, media and past experiences have blocked the Awareness of pleasure.

Pleasure is not a dirty word.
It is a state of awareness.
The more self-aware,
the more ease to be self-loving

Close your eyes for a moment and embody the word pleasure. It is likely you can associate pleasure with a feeling. Breath into it, relax and you will likely identify where and how this feeling resides in your body and thoughts. This is your STATE OF AWARENESS that signals you are in (insert your feeling word here), joy, bliss, happy place, soul expression, truth.

The AWARENESS CONNECTION helps you create an inner environment of nourishment, mentally, physically, emotionally and soulfully.

You BECOME FULFILLED. A side effect of fulfillment is the experience of PLEASURE.


Practical Mindful Exercise - 'It's my pleasure?

Step 1. Start by taking a mental note of your version of pleasure such as applying body lotion, snuggling with your honey, dog, child.

Step 2. Ask yourself what does this feeling of pleasure give me? You can use this list here - belonging, confidence, connection,contribution, significance, growth, peace. this becomes one of your PLEASURE BUTTONS or VALUES (ie:) connection, that you want to experience more of, and nourishes you.

Notes Now that you have also identified the value for you, and the higher vibe that you experience in your body and mind - you can almost guarantee that your Pleasure Buttons / Values have nothing to do with getting something from someone or something.

Step 3. Bring it in as true pleasure has everything to do with you and nothing to do with anyone or thing outside of you. here's the last two steps in this process.

Step 4. How does this experience of pleasure (refer to your Pleasure Buttons) elevate your self-belief and self worth?

Step 5. Take some to share this with another or/and journal about your awareness nourishing your inner resources with pleasure. Super important you don't miss this step as this is how you anchor in your learning.

Enjoy X

Your welcome. It's my pleasure x Anna


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