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A Seasonal Ritual with Values

Updated: Sep 20, 2019


I was wondering if you have a ritual to welcome in the change of  your seasons?  The change could be finding yourself on the threshold of a new age or a shift in relationship or career. Perhaps you are emerging from your solo space. 

I have a ritual that I use twice a year which is practical, creative and honoring. It includes mother nature and exploring personal values. I have included it as this week's Practical Mindfulness Exercise.  

Values are the sister to boundaries and helps to ease you into your Becoming. 

 I wrote about Your Personal Boundaries in an earlier blog here

Mindful Unfolding. With any new season, there is preparation and mindful unfolding. There is no point pulling at the new possibilities before the roots are formed and strong.We have to be kind and generous, tending to the new buds with active patience. Fertilizing the soil of mind and body with good intentions and right actions. Cultivating our emotional and spiritual states with structure and boundaries. 

Ritual is a reset. This may be done with prayer, reading or meditation. You may quietly draw or celebrate the Spring Equinox.  I like to spend time walking along the river, watching for baby birds and stand under the blossoming trees so that I can watch the birds suckle in the sweet nectar of flowers and berries. This is how I can Re-Mind myself that life is always transforming. 

Boundaries and values help reset a strong foundation for growth, repair and creating the life you love. 

I hope you enjoy the Awareness Exercise. 

Anna xo (ps) it's a good idea to watch the video on boundaries before doing this exercise.


Your Values - Practical Mindfulness Exercise. 

Step 1. YOUR VALUES Write a list of your values. What is important for you to experience, be and have in your life. Such as kindness, financial security, trusted friendships, love, recognition, growth and contribution, fun, creativity. 

Step 2. YOUR TIME Write a list of activities for how you spend your time over a weekly period. This may include work 30+ hrs, catching up with friends, family needs (30 hrs), shopping 2 hrs, personal development study 5 hrs, sleeping in on Sunday (me time) etc. 

Alternatively, draw up a spreadsheet with 7 columns, each titled with a day of the week and hourly time-frames down the side. Block out the time for each activity. This is helpful if you prefer a visual assessment to a written assessment.

Step 3. YOUR OBSERVATIONS Spend some time looking over the two lists. Do your values match how you are spending your time and resources? For example if trusted friendships are a value but you don't socialise, this value is not being met. Perhaps alone time is more valued for now. 

Step 4. YOUR REFLECTIONS How closely aligned are your values to your activities? Is there an imbalance? Perhaps with a change of season, there can be an adjustment to your values. Journal your observations and consider what you could do differently. Remember you can plant seeds and then you have to be patient, tend to the soil and cultivate a new state of being with awareness and structure. 

Step 5. What can I do from here? Working on your values and your boundaries are paramount strategies that are addressed in AS Awareness Mentoring sessions. You are invited to reach out to me here and book a complimentary session. Step in and welcome your new season.

Until next time Anna x

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