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What are your PB's - Personal Boundaries?

Have you considered that you or maybe someone you know has trouble saying no. Do you take on more than is reasonable because you can or think you must? Often when PB's are not well established, we are prone to overdoing good acts. This can lead to some form of exhaustion. So how do you create healthy PB's?

Healthy Personal Boundaries are absolutely necessary for a healthy mindset and lifestyle. PB's belong to your personal value system, what you consider important and what realistically serves you as well as another. It makes sense then to establish your PB's, you also need to have clarity on your values. What you value is a treasure to be taken care of and non-negotiable. By establishing a healthy relationship with yourself, you are well on your way to understanding your PB's and contributing to others.

Raising your awareness on your boundaries is self-caring and loving

Awareness Exercises 1. Meet up with friends to discuss Personal Boundaries. You may be surprised to hear that most people haven't got a well established sense of boundaries. When you engage on this subject with trusted friends, you are expanding your knowledge and gathering valuable insights for how boundaries can be unique to an individual.

2. Learn from the Experts

Sarri Gilman, Family Therapist gives guidance, tools and resources for creating healthy boundaries in TEDx Talk Good Boundaries Free You.

3. Listen to your heart and soul.

Listen to your inner guidance. If you are experiences that are causing negative consequences, it could be about your boundaries. Ask your heart, you have your own best answers.

4. Reach out.

I am here to help you gain clarity and define your own best answers.

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