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Calling Out an Unsolvable Problem

and moving it on!

While you're working on being kinder to yourself, let's also have a conversation on the things that can hold you back from that. Today I am here to share with you that the stories you tell yourself as a woman can enhance your sense of worth and beauty.

The stories you tell yourself as a woman can also knock you down and steal your joy.

It is not by chance that you experience certain problems showing up in different guises and situations.

It's strategy.

Unsolvable problems reason for being.

It's a strategy to protect yourself from being heard and seen for the amazing woman that you truly are. Unconsciously setting yourself up to fail and keep your feminine safe from harm.

It is possible that you have been protecting aspects of your feminine for years.

It's 'normal' to be judged or overlooked.

You have evidence that people let you down.

It's normal to be dismissed or unheard.

Is it - the whole truth?

Could it be as possible that your beliefs predict your experience?

Truer is: You're intelligence

You're creative

You're intuitive

You're lovable

You're strong

and if you pause for a moment, realise something holds you back from believing all this about you.

How to Recognise an Unsolvable Problem

Remember an unsolvable problem is a strategy built on a belief that parts of you have to been protected. It's only role is to remain unsolvable.

There are no guide-posts or goals to reach to 'solve the problem'. Once triggered, it runs automatically, as if it has a life of it's own.

One other thing, an unsolvable problem has to have a person to focus upon. This person has wronged you in some way (big or small) and you feel the impact of it.

This goes straight to your heart, your feminine centre. You feel vulnerable. The unsolvable problem keeps you in fight, flight or freeze mode.

After awhile (sometimes weeks, months, years), you realise that you've lost your confidence in yourself.

Now, you don't know how to stop thinking about this 'thing' that happened with that person. You're stuck and unhappy.

How do you let it go?

Unsolvable problem emotional states

You feel hurt, stressed, disappointed or angry.

It’s sounds like a complaint about them or you..

You withdraw love and/or attention from them

Your worse fear becomes real (not loved, not heard, not valued).

You are disempowered.

You feel exhausted.

Examples of triggers

The two of you have an agreement – then he/she backs out.

He/she forgets an important date (and you make it mean something about you).

He/she judges your opinion. Your response is to withdraw.

He / she dismisses what you say or do.

You are fearful of their reaction; and stay quiet.

Calling out the Unsolvable Problem

Recognise that it is set up to be unsolvable. Conversations for women learn how to use these following statements to call out the unsolvable problem. This is all that is needed. Clear, loving observation.

Uplift your worth with these statements. Remember to stay in the role of the observer.

Is this familiar?

What does this person have to do or say to get off the hook with you?

How will you measure enough is enough?

What are you willing to do or say to let you off the hook?

I don't know

If you answer I don’t know to one or more of these questions – the unsolvable problem program is running.

Awareness is the solution. You will observe that a sophisticated protection strategy has been in play.

Uplift your worth and beauty

Knowing what you now know, what would you do differently next time?

Journal your answers (even if you are sharing this exercise with a friend). When you write things done, it activates new pathways in your brain. xo

Conversations shared our community (success stories)

I knew I was stuck in my old patterns which were affecting my overall health. I had done a lot of self development but the same issues kept appearing.

During the mentorship, I identified my personal narrative that had been holding me stuck in old patterns for years. This was very freeing. I learnt how to integrate my core values and this led to making supportive lifestyle choices. I am no longer stuck in my old ways. This changed how I related to others especially when I felt I was being judged.

I am more peaceful and trust myself more. I feel lighter, happier at home and more connected with others and me. I can let go of the expectations and judgment from others. I am more accepting and loving of myself. I experience more happiness now. Natalie, Business Owner, Australia


Would you like to discover what is holding you back, so that you rise strong as your kind of woman? It can be done in a feminine way. If the timing is right, reach out and lets chat on a discovery call.

You can reach me right here:


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