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An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude comes from the Latin root gratus, meaning“pleasing; welcome; agreeable.” Gratus is also the root of related terms such as grace, gratuity and gratis, all signifying positive moods, actions and ideas.

Gratitude is a verb. There is an element of action as it relates to being with gratitude. A common misconception is that to be grateful, all you have to do is think grateful.

An example is thinking about what you could be grateful for in a day. Generally, this practice is challenging to maintain as the understanding of gratitude is missing.

So how do you 'do' gratitude?

Gratitude is a whole-hearted experience. It is something you feel within yourself that ultimately makes you feel deeply satisfied and reflects your true loving nature.

  • To connect with your true loving nature, take a moment to pause. Bring yourself into a quiet place and space ... and sit quietly with a moment.

  • Now, recall a moment in time, a memory or image when you felt in love, fulfilled or joyful. This may be watching a sunset, being close with a loved one or accomplishing a goal. Notice how you feel in your body as you connect with this image.

  • Cultivate this image until it is strongly felt in you. Does it have a size, colour, temperature. Become very intimate with this moment in time where you experienced love, fulfilment or / and joy.

These are all high vibe states that have a similar frequency as gratitude.

Now let the image / memory go and rest for a moment rr two in your quiet place. Now let's cultivate this state again as the observer. Recall the memory / image of love, fulfilment and see yourself experiencing this wonderful moment. As if you were looking into a window and watching yourself here. You may notice that you can connect with this image of you and like her. You can be grateful for who she is in this moment and how she experiences wholehearted connection. You may even like to thank this part of you that gives and receives as a natural outpouring of 'being you'.

This can take a little bit of practice. What you are doing here is strengthening your attitude of gratitude with yourself. As you are able to zone in on your wholehearted experience by acknowledging yourself, you are more aware that gratitude is a choice. There is so much to be 'grateful for' because you are choosing to experience what you feel, see and hear whole-heartedly. Also available to read:

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