Uplift your nourishing self-care

I am sharing this week’s Uplift on self-care because we are in a time when the experience of life can change suddenly. As women, we are adaptable and resilience (sometimes to our detriment). We are natural care-givers for people, the planet and all of the critters that reside alongside her. We care that much for the Mother Earth.

This isn’t so much as a news flash…more a conversation with girlfriends ‘ I need to take better care of myself but when???

On the outside it looks like you have it altogether, and yet what you’re really doing is: pushing aside the voice that goes – slow down sister, you’re feeling anxious for a reason. Please rest. It’s not until the energy is low, or health issues arise that you are forced to pay attention.

This is what happened to me this week.

I knew I was feeling fatigued. What I didn’t know was how to shift it. I wasn't making me a priority. I want to share that this is also an old pattern – go – go -go.

Do you relate?

My intuition was telling me that my spirit was in fatigue. this relates to joy and links with soul values. I thought I was doing all the right things? I nourished my being with meditation, walking in nature, catching up with friends, good food.

I tuned in and asked my feminine – I wonder what I else I need to care for my whole-self?

I let the answer come – in its own time.

The answer was - Let someone else replenish your spirit, body and soul. My inner guidance showed me an image of a beautician’s business card, I remembered her, she was amazing, so kind and real. I gave her a call and booked myself in for a facial and reiki.

My body and soul would love the facial. My spirit which is connected to the heart, and mind would respond to the Reiki. I knew this would help to rebalance my being.

Say Yes to Yourself

I believe that when you are willing to have an intimate conversation with yourself, trust in what you receive as guidance and take decisive action - you uplift your healing, even before the decisive action is fully expressed. Listening to your feminine divine dampens down the old pattern of behaviours. You have a window of possibility to change it with loving intent.

Set it but don't forget it.

Once I made the appointment, I spent a few minutes over the next four days (before my luscious pleasure time) imagining how I would feel lying on the table, listening to the music and enjoying the whole experience.


The After Glow Pic (and I booked again)

Maybe this is a timely conversation for you too?

Some patterns are hard to shift (even if, like me, you have been intentionally working on them for some time). Here is the 5 step formula from Conversations for women. You don't have to figure out the how to do it, it's done for you.

1. I WONDER Bring an open enquiry into your challenge (mine was fatigue), find a still moment and ask - I wonder what I need here for my highest good.

2. An Intimate Conversation

Listen to the intimate conversation from your still, inner voice. You may call it, intuition, gut feeling or Muriel.(Some women name their intuition too).