Practical Mindfulness Toolbox for April.

Practical Mindfulness is the "how to"  create your life

lovingly and in a systematic, logical manner.

To live mindfully is to remember that we can always invite conscious choice into every situation. When we live out of habit (subconsciously) we block the possibility of living another way. Therefore no matter how hard we try, we fall short of our goals and dreams and become disenchanted with our life.

Practical Mindfulness helps you to heal and lovingly reshape your life experience that ultimately aligns you with personal empowerment. This brings an abundance of creative strategies that help you value a self-nourishing future, activating the power of conscious choice.

Enjoy x Anna


When the body is out of balance, we know it!  Symptoms may be a fever (excessive heat), aches and pains (cold), skin rashes (dry), edema (wet). The body is constantly re-balancing the elements of hot, cold, wet and dry called homeostasis. There are many options to treat out-of-balance states with professional services or maybe your grandma's secret recipe. 

Imagine that the body is a symbol of your overall consciousness.

The above symbol is registered to and cannot be used on any form for distribution.

The symbol above represents balanced consciousness, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The square in the circle is an ancient symbol for alchemy, and the metaphorical meaning is attempting anything that seems impossible. When we are blocked and out-of-balance, it can seem as if we are asking for the impossible. Awareness promotes the alchemy process; taking the consciousness of who we are now and revealing the strengths and certainty of our true nature which includes kindness, contribution, wellness and purposeful living. Alchemy like awareness starts with the raw materials. In this model it is the current state of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and observing where there is balance and imbalance.

Finding the right guide and mentor to champion your alchemy process is paramount because this is not a journey that can be done inside of your known zone.

This is how you rebuild your foundation of self-trust and with the right guidance, encourages you to gently foster your dreams into reality.

Popular Beliefs.

The story we tell ourselves can interfere with self-image, motivation and happiness.  We can literally feel out of order either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Without investigating if it is true, sooner or later, we become defined by the story of our beliefs. The story becomes a habitual way of viewing ourselves often in a less favorable light. Over time our beliefs influence our state of health and well-being. The habit of belief can enhance health and happiness or lifestyle diseases. 

Here is a short list of beliefs that people have reported filtered their limited view of themselves and the world.  What I believe is:

  • It's better I do everything myself.

  • Nobody really gets my true worth.

  • I play small to avoid failing.

  • I keep giving until it hurts.

  • I don't belong here.

  • If I speak up bad things will happen.

  • It's better to just carry on than make a fuss.

  •  I have to fight for everything I want.

  •  People should listen to me and don't.

  • I am better off on my own. 

  • Keep learning and eventually I'll figure it out. 

  • There has to be something wrong with me.

Wonder - A Remedy For Limiting Beliefs.

 One of the first principles of Enhances Awarene