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Our Good Men Honoring The Feminine

I call it divine intervention when I venture out on a rainy Sunday to fill in my time whilst the bread is baking and I meet a man. I know, sounds very domestic goddessie.

Anyway I popped along to Chiaroni Gallery and there he was. Not just any man.

A sensitive soul who just happened to be a man shutting down the voice of body shaming with his exhibition - Bodyscape. Over three years, and in his quiet, respectful, mindful way, Cory Varcoe has been capturing the feminine as she is, scars, lines, beauty and molding her form into mother earth where she has always been. He does not airbrush or alter what he captures in the lenses in any way. For Cory all bodies re beautiful. Cory has also photographed men for Bodyscape.

This led to one male friend to comment that he cried when he saw himself in the photos. His friend said to Cory, "you made me beautiful". Cory replied "dude, I was only capturing what was already there".

Cory pays homage to the Maori Mythology of Ranginui (father Sky) and Papatuanuku (mother earth), with Papa continuing to nurture humankind. Bodyscape plays with the female form being intimately connected with the landscape.

I, as a woman felt the pulsing of the feminine within me honored, in fact I felt joy. I was witnessing the beauty within me as I was drawn into Bodyscape. Fair to say in my becoming and goddess maturing, I have battled with my own body shaming.

Mostly now it is body loving and immense gratitude for the powerhouse I live in.

I know that you too may struggle from time to time with your shape, size, skin colour. Don't please.

This is our time to meet our feminine and tame the octane masculine into balance. Do your best to deny the media and marketing your power. Refuse to let outside forces dictate your beauty. Be who you are and fall in love with this You. Come into your heart, hear your truth - rise.

And reach out, I am here to help you too. If you wish, drink in the courage of our sisters and brothers who have forged their path with determination, clarity and wisdom. Read our members stories here

There are many men in our midst who are doing to their best to honor the feminine and to encourage us to be leaders in our own right for our families, our communities and each other. There are other men too, who teach our good men how to understand the feminine woman. Listen,watch and observe below.

I write this for you to maintain your faith in yourself, your abilities and your feminine. All the work you are doing to allow the feminine within you to find her rightful place, front and center is worth it. YOU are worth it. And you are not alone.

with love Anna xo


Watch - Listen - Expand

Cory Varcoe - FineArt Photographer

Visit Cory's website here

Preview Bodyscape here

Awareness Exercise:

Take note how you feel when you view these images. Can you see yourself in Papatuanuku.

Dr Joe Dispenza - Nueroscience In the new normal, women lead.

Awareness Exercise

What is the message that most resonates with you? How can this message influence you today?

Jack Kronfield - Buddhist Practitioner

Women are the source of wisdom'

Awareness Exercise

Take a moment to be still and tap into your source of wisdom. What do you find there? Who benefits from this wisdom you have.


Would you like to know more about how you too can forge your own path. Reach our and connect with me here. You are invited to book a complimentary discovery call.

Chat soon Anna


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