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Maintain a mental attitude that supports your wellbeing.

Awareness is an act of being curious about you and your life experience. In awareness you are researching information to understand yourself on a deeper level. Instead of 'doing life' you become the observer.

Yes, you will have judgments, opinions and ideas about what you see, think and believe.This is normal. It is the conditioned life.

Being aware allows you to recognise how your actions and thoughts serve your best interests or not.

Without being aware, you cannot be Mindful. Mindfulness is appreciating that at any time, in any situation, you can consciously choose how to respond. It is common to feel stuck when you can see only one way to act and respond. I takes practice to engage in being aware and mindful. When you do and can entertain there are other choices, you become 'unstuck'. You are rewiring your mindset for better choices and kinder outcomes.

How do you maintain a mental attitude to support your wellbeing?

First, be still. Having a practice of 5 minutes a day to sit, breathe consciously and listen to the quality of your thoughts can have remarkable changes.

As you sit for your practice of 5 minutes, listen. Are the quality of your thoughts positive or negative. Can you notice if the thoughts are just happening or if you are choosing them. You may value an attitude of kindness towards others but find your self-talk is very unforgiving towards you. Cultivating time to listen as a gentle enquiry is a good step towards maintaining a healthy mental attitude.

Be curious to note if your thinking serves your best interests.

Without holding any judgment, can you entertain that you would be better off if you thought differently about yourself and others.

Be soft and open in your enquiry as you stay with your breathing.

Resist changing your thoughts. instead observe how certain thoughts can impact your emotions. Some good, some not so good.

Is there a situation that you could be bring more openness and kindness? Now you are exploring other alternatives. You will find as you seek these few moments of stillness that being more open and kind towards yourself is your authentic state.

Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn is an excellent resource to research more on Mindfulness. I suggest Beginners Guide to Mindfulness Audio Book.

When you are prepared to open and have an intimate conversation with your thinking and practice generous listening - you heal.

Stay well Anna

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