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Find your rhythm, empower your day

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Success means different things to just about everyone. For women who are ambitious, sensitive and craving more, success can be as simple as surviving the day. I know it sounds grim and it certainly doesn't have to be like this. However if we don't call out what we are or are not doing and thinking, nothing will change.

Most of us desire to grow and expand. I know that for the women I am describing above, it's a must. As if it's a calling. They don't want to stay stuck where they are and yet, don't have all the pieces for what is possible. The 'more' that they crave seems such a puzzle!

What they long for more than anything else is time to themselves. Time to think (without the need to answer immediately), and time to imagine. There is a emotional refresh that can happen for the feminine when given the time to BE. Women intuitively know that the answers they seek about opening to more can be found when there is the time. If asked, these women will negotiate down the time needed to be with themselves. That's how important it is to just BE. Trade-off an hour for a few minutes.

Why is that?

What drives intelligent, on the go women to push aside their needs for all but a few minutes per day? Could it be that as women, we have forgotten how to sync into our natural rhythm, heart, body and mind. Read on for the tools to help you find your natural rhythm and empower your every-day.

Recognizing your masculine

The world rewards efforts associated with masculine energy such as: push, force reality, busy, on-the-go, wilful, get shi#! done attitude, competitive, wealth, power, me and status. The 'just do it' attitude is necessary to build momentum towards our goals and dreams. Call on the masculine energy in times of danger, critical time-lines, activism, solo mental strength, physical strength (to mention a few opportunities). The masculine doesn't require agreement to take action. It's action first - quick results, repeat.

Have you noticed that for many of us now, the masculine attributes within ourselves rule. Even if this isn't our intention. We are out-of-balance and tired.

Embracing your feminine

The feminine energy is creative, pulling her vision towards, open, resting, collaborative, visionary, high ideas generator, tenacious, being, role model, growth, contribution, song and joy. The feminine is the long game and rarely gives in. Eyes on the prize with feet firmly on the ground, the feminine trusts in divine guidance and willingly works with it to achieve what she values and is called to do. As an ambitious (even secretly ambitious), sensitive woman rediscovers her rhythm, and value, she becomes a force.

For anything to be achieved and sustained, you need both the skills of the masculine and the qualities of the feminine (within yourself) in balance, mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Finding your own rhythm is an illumination process. Literally, your light is switched on the more aware you become of your presence, internal skill-set and the power you have to lead a purposeful life on your terms.

I now know myself a zillion times better now that I have done this work. Michelle, Australia

Goddess Activity - One tool to find your rhythm and empower your day.

There is so much I'd love to share here. However I am conscious that finding time for yourself is still something you could be working on. Instead of giving you something more to figure out, I am encouraging you to OBSERVE & PLAY. You can even download the 47sec video here and watch it every day. Repetition is so powerful. At first it can seem almost impossible to change your morning routine for instance. So, don't get stuck on the how or what you could be doing to uplift your feminine vessel and rebalance your being for success. Instead, be CURIOUS and WONDER what empowering your day could look like, feel like for you and give you every day. OBSERVE & PLAY - Watch the video and be CURIOUS by giving your attention to how your days unfold. Working with your rhythm or someone else is pulling the strings. Then WONDER. I WONDER is the mindset of the FEMININE and is open to ideas. This is a great place to use your valuable 'me' time and tap into your intuition. How would you start and end your day in the feminine? The Fill Your Vessel Pathway below follows with the video.

Fill Your Vessel For Life Pathway.

FEMININE First part of your day, fill your vessel (yourself) for life. The feminine loves to meditate, be in nature, journal, dance, sing-a-song, be around animals, paint, read, feel the earth beneath her feet, tell a story.

Mother Nature leaves clues to find your rhythm. The promise of life in a seed (possibilities), push through the soil (masculine) Growth & harvest (masculine and feminine), Rest (feminine). There is always the combination of activity in nature.

MASCULINE Time to get into the doing (& hustle). You can be equally successful in your masculine. OBSERVE yourself and be proud of you.

FEMININE-MASCULINE. HAVE A PAUSE Step for lunch, maybe go for a walk, have nutritious food, drink water, laugh, converse. Do a few of those list things once you have revived. In other words, take the time to chill-out. After lunch, you are back in hustle.

MASCULINE Time to get into the doing (& hustle). You can be equally successful in your masculine. OBSERVE yourself and be proud of you.


Time for reconnecting with loved ones, yourself, mother-earth. Add in things that give you joy such as good music, nice wine or non-alcoholic beverages, delicious food, laughter, uplifting movies, comfy clothes'. You are getting ready to reconnect with your feminine and rest. Perhaps you can light a candle, journal or read your favorite book. Eyes closed. Ready for dreaming. I hope this really serves you to acknowledge your rhythm and reconnect with the powerful woman that you are. If you are thinking that you want to know more on how to be your authentic, empowered self, let's talk. We offer a free Discovery Call to hear more about your situation and see if we can help. It's totally free. Click here and you will be redirected to book your free call. If your not techy, just reach out to me here, Until next time,

Stay curious, Anna


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