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Your Love Language Quiz

Have you ever received a message from the universe? I did and it seemed so random at the time. Here's what happened. I am very blessed to facilitate a Mindful class which to be truthful is always around love and connection. At the end of one class last year, this A4 sheet of paper found it's way into my bag. I have no idea how it got there.

It was 'Five love languages quiz'. I took it out and put it in a folder on my desk and forgot about it.

Then last week, it fell out of the folder and I thought, ok, I'll do it.

The Five Love Languages Quiz
Download PDF • 111KB

What a joy! I discovered that how love is expressed through me and to me is with quality time. I love spending quality time with good friends and family in my life. It is no wonder I mentor for a career. I love to spend quality time with my clients too!

It makes perfect sense that my second highest score was physical touch.

Those who know me know I am a hugger and ... for me physical touch is very elemental and feminine. I will run my hands across surfaces and fabrics. I feel through touch.

Acts of service - my no 3. Acts of service is when someone is asking 'how can I help or what do you need'. Even if I don't need the help right then, just to know someone is reaching across to give me a little love nip in this way, actually forces me to be vulnerable. I can accept help.


I typed up the quiz and sent it off to my clients. Same thing. They became more aware of something they had known about themselves but hadn't necessarily 'thought' about it. Aha's all round!

The Five Love Languages Quiz
Download PDF • 111KB


Soooo I thought why not keep the love going by sharing the quiz here. See above attachment.

You have 30 questions with a choice of two responses. Choose the one that resonates most with you, circle / tick or keep a note. At the end tally up your scores for A B C D E. Your highest represents your preferred way of giving and receiving love (according to the quiz). you may even like to journal your insights as I have above.

Happy exploring.

with love Anna

note: The Five Languages of Love book is by Gary Chapman. You can find out moer by visiting


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