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Wishing - practical & empowering.

Do you sometimes wish you could: say what you really want to say, take a leap of faith, do that thing, trust in yourself more? Wishing brings into focus what you imagine is possible. Imagination is in the realm of the feminine. It is an empowering expression of creation.

To bring wishing into form requires a few important components in the right order and given your full attention.

1. Unhinge from the fairy tale

You don’t need the prince to save you. Once you relinquish the belief that you need someone else to step in, you are free.

2. Believe

If you can imagine it, then what you wish for already exists. Let this sink in. How does this make you feel?

3. Invest

in getting to know yourself fully, in particular what you believe about yourself. This gives you a strong foundation to ask for what you truly desire and trust in your feminine knowing.

4. Set it – don’t forget it

Self-empowerment will automatically open the doorway to Divine Intelligence. Take a leap of faith by placing your wish on paper. Read it daily and allow your imagination to evoke emotions befitting of your wish. Caution: If you discover there is a lowering of your energy, go back to step 3. Wishes for your highest good are always light and empowering.

5. Play

with the feminine principle of I Wonder Mindset.

I wonder is open ended, it invites imagination and active participation.

‘I wonder how this (insert wish) will show up is connecting with Source.

This is super important. The more you appreciate how you are part of the whole, the easier it becomes to feel whole within yourself.


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