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You may relate...women with big dreams (even if they are secret) are high achievers and push hard. There are many reasons why. Sometimes it's about a limiting story they believe about themselves, the need to please or be a good girl or fear of failing.

Often it is conditioning. Patterns of behaviors that have been handed down through the generations. Such as being role modelled (by a significant adult) to be quiet. Once learnt, it's hard to break the habit of being quiet. Something has to interrupt that old pattern and show you how to insert a new one.

To think you can do this on your own is brave and from my experience, slow. Oh so slow. Years slow and frustrating.

This is when pushing hard can take a 180 degree turn and your mind goes, hang on a minute, there has to be another way. By this time, your tired and frustrated. You've tried many things to experience more confidence, to be successful in your own right. If you still find yourself back in the same place, it's inevitable that you think 'there must be something wrong with me'.

This is not true.

Shake Yourself Off and Try Again

You are more likely to be out-of-sync with your authentic nature. The women in this community come from all works of life, professional, entrepreneurs, artists and deeply connect with the demand to be purposeful. How do you do purposeful when you have already tried 'everything'.

1. Be prepared to meet your dreams in reality. I am serious. SHAKE YOURSELF OFF. The only difference between where you see yourself in the dream future and where you are now is: SELF-BELIEF.


2. To change your self-belief, you need to commit to doing your inner work in ORDER. Just as the universe has order in all things, so do you. Therefore you can dabble with doing a few self-help things here and there. Very important to stay in the seat of growth. It's just it's slow, time consuming and ... more often than not doesn't last.

Commit to a minimum of 8 months of consistent, inner work. It takes this long to overcome your resistance and start to embed new behaviors and possibilities. The sustainability comes after that. Now you are ready to start reinventing yourself from a new perspective. Your mind and body begin to accept new beliefs and actions. More often now, you are entertaining this reality. You can BE this woman and achieve what is in your heart.

Growth must be witnessed

4. You know what I am going to say here...please consider being in a community who have similar values and outlook to you. Invest in a mentor. I truly believe there is nothing more valuable than having a mentor who has walked on the same path and is a few steps ahead of you. I have 2.

5. Who you are and what you have to offer us in this world is GOLD. When you have the community that gets you and the mentor who leads you, your life experience will change for the better.

So here's some inspiration and hope from Amanda who spent 12 months diving deep and training herself to look through different eyes at herself and her world. Was it worth it. She has said YES.

If you think yes, I am ready to find out how I can gain more confidence and lead my life too, reach out. Maybe I can help. Let's set up a discovery call and explore the best, next steps for you.


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