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Why Adapting to the New and Dying to the Old are Necessary for Growth.

I believe we ar here to contribute in our unique expression. Inner disruptors such as personal narrative stop us from honouring our capabilities in fullness. I have observed the two most common disruptors are: What we pay attention to and how we measure self-worth.

We will always put energy into what we treasure and value. If our attention is focussing on wealth, power and acclaim, that is where we put our energy. The success of our attention is measured by what we have out there in the world.

If we treasure our wellbeing, spiritual intelligence, service as conduits for self-worth, this is where we put our energy. Self-worth is measured by personal wellness, clarity, happiness and freedom of expression.

How we relate to the external world is ex-pressed by our internal understanding of ourselves.

By investing your time and energy ond becoming aware of yourself, you are disrupting old patterns of behaviours and beliefs. Awareness takes practice and has a formula coupled with Mindfulness to escalate a consciousness of self-worth which naturally leads to more serving behaviours and actions towards yourself, others and the planet.

Transformation occurs in the same way as throwing a pebble in a pond, the ripple effect is far-reaching. As individual consciousness shifts, the world is challenged on paradigms of power, wealth and accalim. Adapt or die.

Have you noticed that adapting is a state of awakening. Power, wealth, acclaim are structures that are dying. New structures and paradigms including justice, equality, connection are being adopted globally.

It is important that we are ready mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is the work of EAP - Enhancing Your Awareness.

I work with women and some very cool men dedicated to making the world a better place for all. I guide them to be more Aware and teach them how to maintain Mindful Choices that encourage new thought and empowering, loving actions.

I am told that people see it as their duty to step up. Others are responding to an urgency to stop self-sacrificing. Some people I work with are at a crossroads and searching. All agree that the time is now.

Anna Schaumkel is dedicated to the betterment of women. Anna is a Senior Mentor, Enhances Awareness Programs and Facilitator of Pathways to Mindfulness Courses.

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