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What is the difference between having a job and doing your real work?

The answer is in understanding the value of incorporating Spiritual Performance Indicators alongside Key Performance Indicators. SPI's value the truth of who you are and how your soul intention 'performs' as a human being. KPI's are generally revenue and goal focused and restricted to time and place. SPI's are 24/7 self-loving expression of how you take care of yourself, others and the planet. KPI's can change whereas SPI's evolve. As values reflect contribution, kindness and compassion, we are more content and conscious on how we choose to engage in our job and with others.

Cynthia D. Fisher wrote in her article, Happiness at work, In order to live a happy life, one must be concerned with doing virtuous, moral and meaningful things whilst utilising personal talents and skills.

Here's the kicker, you can still do meaningful things and end up in states of exhaustion and frustration. Your heart might be in the right place but if your health is suffering, something is out of alignment with your thinking and belief system.

Many years ago, I was managing a six month project. My team and I worked out of the offices commonly referred to as the toxic environment. People didn't speak to each other with some even sleeping at their desks. I was miserable. I could do my job but the environment was having a negative impact on myself and my team. I resented being put there.

It took three weeks of complaining about the toxic environment before I woke up. My job was the project but my real work was contribution and kindness. I decided to go to my job and do my real work.

As a team we wrote up our SPI's

  • Greet everyone with a smile.

  • Take time to find out about the people on the floor and authentically listen.

  • Be yourself (we were a happy bunch and laughed a lot).

  • Weekly morning tea with an open invitation.

  • Look for opportunities to help another.

  • Be mindful of how you interact.

  • Be kind.

By the end of three months the 'toxic' environment was gone and in its place, a community. Remembering I have a choice in how I chose to see my world gives me the awareness to pursue what is important. SPI's are a powerful invocation that become the conscious application of your true work within your job and in your world. Take the time to get your thinking right about what you value and the rest will follow.

Anna Schaumkel is a Senior Enhances Awareness Mentor dedicated to the betterment of women. Anna works with both men and women committed to growth, inclusion and wellness.


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